Barton A. Weitz

Barton A. Weitz is Professor of Marketing and J.C. Penney Eminent Scholar Chair at the Warrington College of Business Administration at the University of Florida. He is also Executive Director of the David F. Miller Retailing Education and Research Center. Professor Weitz has served on the faculty of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and the UCLA Graduate School of Management. A receipt of several awards, Dr. Weitz was conferred the AMA Sales Special Interest Group Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003.

His research interests are e-commerce, retailing, sales management and marketing strategy. He has authored, co-authored, and edited over 80 books and has presented numerous papers at a myriad of conferences and business meetings. Professor Weitz has his PhD and MBA in business administration from Stanford University, as well as his BSEE from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

1987 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference: Marketing Theory

1987 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference: Marketing Theory

1987 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference: Marketing Theory is a collection of proceeding papers. These papers are jointly edited by Russell W. Belk, Gerald Zaltman, Richard Bagozzi, David Brinberg, Rohit Deshpande, A. Fuat Firat, Morris B. Holbrook, Jerry C. Olson, John F. Sherry and Barton Weitz. The papers focus on several conceptual tracks pertaining to marketing theory such as alternative ways of knowing, and sociology of the profession. These papers present new directions of inquiry in these areas as well as in other areas of marketing theory.

An Assessment Of Marketing Thought And Practice

An Assessment of Marketing Thought & Practice: 1982 Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Series No. 48

An Assessment of Marketing Thought & Practice contains proceeding papers from the 1982 Educators conference, intended to familiarize educators with techniques, perspectives, and concepts that can enhance their development as teachers and researchers. This compilation is jointly edited by Bruce J. Walker, William O. Bearden, William R. Darden, Patrick E. Murphy, John R. Nevin, Jerry C. Olson, and Barton A. Weitz. The papers are categorized into 6 tracks parallel to the conference theme, with the award-winning paper featured at the end of each track. The buyer behavior track focuses the influence of ethnic, gender, cross-culture, and personal values in consumer behavior. The marketing education track provides a review on marketing curriculum and teaching methods practiced in the 1980s. The marketing mix and marketing institution track presents a comprehensive collection of papers on retailing, distribution, sales, and sales force management. The marketing strategy and special markets track elaborates on strategies needed to approach and establish in unique markets. The public policy and macromarketing track discusses regulatory issues in marketing and advertising. The research methodology track presents an historic perspective of measurement, analysis, survey methods, and interpretation of marketing research.