Bernard Silverman

For the past 29 years, Dr. Bernard Silverman taught continuously at the MBA level, one course per term, at Benedictine University. Courses taught include quantitative methods (business statistics), marketing research, and direct marketing. Prior to teaching part-time, Dr. Silverman received tenure as Associate Professor of Psychology at Roosevelt University in 1978. He has published over 20 articles in academic and trade journals. Professor Silverman founded, edited, published, and marketed the Journal of Direct Marketing Research, the first quasi-academic journal in the direct marketing field.

Dr. Silverman is an innovative, analytical thinker, able to quickly recast business challenges into research methodologies and research findings into practical marketing activities. Conducted, managed, presented, and sold marketing research. Experienced on both the client and supplier sides. Areas of expertise include direct marketing, retailing, financial services (insurance, credit), supplemental health care (dental, vision and drug plans), and hospitality (restaurants, casinos, hotels).

Attitude Research Plays For High Stakes

Attitude Research Plays for High Stakes

Attitude Research Plays for High Stakes was edited by John C. Maloney and Bernard Silverman. This work is a compilation of papers presented at the Eighth Annual Attitude Research Conference in 1979. The papers attempt to crack the relationship between attitude and buyer behavior. They also define the concept of involvement, methods to measure it, and its effect on purchase decision. There is a discussion on measuring the deceptiveness of advertising and another one on the contribution of attribute research to the activities of federal regulatory agencies.