Charles W. King

Since 1980, Charles W. King is Professor of (Marketing) Managerial Studies in the College of Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His doctoral degree is in business administration from Harvard University. He also has a masters of business administration and a bachelors of business administration, both from the University of Texas. His areas of expertise include the following specialties: strategic planning, strategic market positioning, management of marketing operations, direct selling/network marketing, research of “word-of-mouth” communication, the diffusion of “word-of-mouth” marketing in both developed and developing economies globally.

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Attitude Research Reaches New Heights

Attitude Research Reaches New Heights

Attitude Research Reaches New Heights was edited by Charles W. King and Douglas J. Tigert. This work is a collection of proceedings from the third Annual Attitude Research Conference held in Mexico in 1970. Exploring the maturing state-of-the-art in attitude research is the central theme of these papers. The papers revolve around the overview of attitude research, conceptual approaches to predict the consumer behavior and market segmentation through attitude research, as well as measurement and data analysis techniques employed in sophisticated attitude research.