Charles B. Weinberg

Charles B. Weinberg is SMEV Presidents Professor in Marketing at the Commerce and Business Administration College at the University of British Columbia. He has received several teaching awards, such as the SME International Marketing Educator of the Year. His research interests include marketing models and analytical techniques applied to marketing problems, marketing in public and nonprofit organizations, and marketing strategy services.

His recent published work has focused on competitive dynamics and timing strategies (with particular application to the arts and entertainment industries), the marketing of safer sex, and competition among nonprofit organizations. Dr. Weinberg received his ScB from Brown, his MBA from Harvard, and his PhD from Columbia.

1983 Educators Proceedings

1983 Educators’ Proceedings: Series No. 49

The 1983 AMA Educators’ Proceedings is edited by Patrick E. Murphy, O.C. Ferrell, Eugene R. Laczniak, Robert F. Lusch, Paul F. Anderson, Terence A. Shimp, Russell W. Belk, and Charles B. Weinberg. This volume consists of 102 papers and special presentations, which were presented in six competitive tracks during the 1983 Marketing Educators’ Conference. The six tracks are Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Education, Marketing Mix, Public Policy, and Research Methodology. The papers seek to expand theoretical boundaries of the marketing discipline, refine existing marketing principles, and introduce new perspectives.