Diane H. Schmalensee

Diane H. Schmalensee founded the Schmalensee Partners. She is the on the Board of Overseers at Boston Ballet, Vice Chair at Pioneer Institute, President at Schmalensee Partners, etc. She has focused on two main specialties of marketing research and quality or change management over the course of her career. Ms. Schmalensee has served on the board of directors of nearly a dozen organizations. She works with managers at all levels in many different departments — including marketing, information technology, marketing research, quality, operations research, and customer service.

Before founding the Schmalensee Partners in 1991, Ms. Schmalensee worked as the Vice President of the Marketing Science Institute, Vice President of Opinion Research Corporation, and Vice President for two major regional advertising agencies. She is an eight-time examiner for the Malcolm Balridge National Quality Award and has been a judge, trainer, and board member of the Massachusetts Quality Award since 1992. She earned her MBA from San Diego University and her BA from Wellesley College.

Creativity In Services Marketing

Creativity in Services Marketing: What’s New, What Works, What’s Developing

Creativity in Services Marketing: What’s New, What Works, What’s Developing was edited by M. Venkatesan, Diane M. Schmalensee, and Claudia Marshall. This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the 4th Annual Services Marketing conference in 1985 that reviews the colonial phase of services marketing with the importance to attract more people into services marketing research and encourage them to apply the skills and techniques developed for other areas to services. The papers contain talks on: managing services marketing; understanding services customer; corporate culture and internal marketing; the Four Ps of marketing; industry-specific topics; and research issues, methodology and literature.