Donald W. Hackett

Franchising The State Of The Art

Franchising: The State of the Art

Franchising: The State of the Art is a detailed yet brief analysis of the growth and impact of franchising in the American business community.  Renowned author, Donald Hackett, fills the gap left in literature which focuses on the pervasiveness of franchising in business.  Real world examples of franchising are examined in three primary ways:

  1. First, an overview is provided tracing the origin and growth of franchising as a channel system;
  2. Second, the advantages and limitations of franchising as a channel alternative are compared to classical channel selection criteria; and,
  3. Lastly, the major trends influencing franchising today, such as the legal environment and ownership trends.

Produced with the assistance of the American Marketing Association, Franchising: The State of the Art is a concise, thorough examination of the evolution and impact of franchising.  This monograph will prove an invaluable tool to students and practitioners of marketing research, advertising, and economics.

Table of Contents

  1. Franchising:  An Overview
  2. Managerial Aspects of Franchising
  3. Trends in Franchising