Donald N. Thompson

Donald N. Thompson is the Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the Schulich School of Business in Canada at York University. He has been with the Schulich School of Business since 1973. Professor Thompson was a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics in London, England, and at the Roth School at Long Island University.

Dr. Thompson is author of nine books on marketing and economics. His works has been published in thirteen languages. He received his BA & BComm from Manitoba, his MBA & PhD from the University of California at Berkeley, and his LLM from York. His areas of expertise are strategic market planning, marketing strategy, marketing/economic regulation, law and economics.


Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective

Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective is a collection of papers presented in the Third Triennial Canadian Marketing Workshop held in Toronto in June 1979. This collection is edited by Donald N. Thompson, Patricia Simmie, Louise Heslop, and Stanley J. Shapiro. The papers present a historical perspective of macromarketing in the 1980s with a Canadian perspective, including the general areas of consumerism, consumer protection public policy, and market regulation. Canadian market-specific issues that were prevalent at that time such as promoting visual art, post-offices, and energy management are also featured.

Problems In Canadian Marketing

Problems in Canadian Marketing

Problems in Canadian Marketing is a collection of papers presented in the Second Triennial Canadian Marketing Workshop. Edited by Donald N. Thompson, the featured twelve papers discuss the 1980s perspective of socio-cultural aspects of Canada that form the essence of Canadian marketing, such as the unique problems in handling distribution in Canada, advertising and marketing research from Canada’s point of view, and Canadian public policy.