Fred D. Reynolds

Fred D. Reynolds was Professor of Marketing at the University of Georgia in Athen, Georgia in the 1970s and 1980s. He specialized in quality and lifestyle research. Professor Reynolds co-authored and co-edited many works in the field of marketing, such as the proceeding, Marketing and the Quality of Life in 1978.

Construing Life Style Psychographics

Chapter 3: Construing Life Style and Psychographics

Chapter 3 of Life Style and Psychographics

In the chapter’s first section, Reynolds and Darden present an overview of Kelly’s theory of personal constructs. The second section demonstrates how these notions can be applied to discriminate between “life styles” and “psychographics” as fields of inquiry. The final section describes how the theory may provide guidance on the choice between generalized items in the construction of life style and psychographic questionnaires.

Marketing And The Quality Of Life

Marketing and the Quality of Life

Marketing and the Quality of Life was edited by Fred D. Reynolds and Hiram C. Barksdale. This work represents a set of proceedings presented at an AMA sponsored workshop in 1978. The papers explored, from a variety of perspectives, the conceptual and measurement problems involved in studying marketing and quality of life, as well as identified the areas required for research. These papers are divided in three parts: conceptual issues, measurement issues and integration, and needed research. They attempted to answer various questions pertaining to the quality of life as a criterion for marketing and consumer satisfaction.