Gabriel M. Gelb

Gabriel M. Gelb is the Founder, Expert Witness, and Senior Consultant of the Gelb Consulting Group, Inc. He has written or co-authored 40 books, monographs, and peer-reviewed articles. He has been an expert witness in over 100 intellectual property (trademark and trade dress) cases in federal and state courts in 30 states. For his pioneering work in market research, he is a recipient of the Crystal Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Houston Chapter of the American Marketing Association. He was also a member of Editorial Review Board of Journal of Marketing.

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Research At The Top

Research at the Top: Better Data for Organizational Policy Making

Research at the Top is a monograph produced by the American Marketing Association in a series focusing on various forms of marketing research. The authors, Gabriel and Betsy Gelb, are both experienced consultants and marketing researchers. In this monograph, they demonstrate how the creative application of marketing research can provide a factual foundation for determining business and marketing policies.

The topics of discussion include, but are not limited to:

  • The importance and relevance of marketing research among policy makers;
  • Incorporating research results into policy decision making; and,
  • Various approaches and techniques for evaluating and improving policy research.

The authors have provided a comprehensive overview of policy research to serve as a guide for business firms, marketing research agencies, and corporate settings. Through these discussions and real company case histories, the text demonstrates the importance of policy research and its findings to all levels of management.