Helmut Becker

Dr. Helmut Becker is the founder and leader of the Institut for Wirtschaftsanalyse und Kommunikation (IWK) in Munich and was a member of the Comita d Administration for ACEA (Association Constructeurs Europaens d Automobiles) Brussels as well as part of the coordination circle at VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) in Frankfurt, Germany.

Marketing Education And The Real World And Dynamic Marketing In A Changing World

Combined Proceedings: Marketing Education and the Real World and Dynamic Marketing in a Changing World

Marketing Education and The Real World and Dynamic Marketing in a Changing World is a Combined Proceeding brought out by the AMA. Edited by Boris W. Becker and Helmut Becker, this volume contains papers presented the 1972 New York Spring Conference and 1972 Houston Fall Conference. The papers bring incited commentaries and expositions on marketing, marketing research, and marketing education. The discussions include a myriad of topics ranging from the improvement of quality of relevance in education, to the marketing of pollution control devices, and to the utility of applying marketing concepts to non-profit service organizations.