Jac L. Goldstucker

Jac L. Goldstucker is Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. Professor Goldstucker co-authored Qualitative Research in Marketing with Danny N. Bellenger and Kenneth L. Bernhardt in 1976. He also co-edited Marketing Information: A Professional Reference Guide, 3rd edition with Hiram C. Barksdale in 1995.

Qualitative Research In Marketing

Qualitative Research in Marketing

Qualitative Research in Marketing is one in a series of three monographs developed by the American Marketing Association focusing on various forms of marketing research. Assistant Professor Danny Bellenger offers a conceptualization and analysis of several qualitative research techniques that have remained prominent in the marketing community. The topics of discussion include:

  • A definition and evaluation of qualitative research as a business research tool;
  • An analysis of prominent techniques, such as focus group interviews, depth interviews and projective techniques; and,
  • Other aspects of qualitative research, such as sampling, current trends, and analysis.

The text was designed using both scholarly articles and interviews with experienced marketing researchers, blending theoretical and applied concepts. The ultimate goal is to encourage greater discussion and communication among researchers, as well as provide an evaluative tool for managers and consultants.