John H. Lindgren

John H. Lindgren, Jr. is the Consumer Bankers Association Professor of Retail Banking at McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. He has published numerous articles and monographs in journals such as Journal for the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Professional Services Marketing, Journal of Marketing Education, Journal of Retail Banking Services, Bankers Magazine, Cost and Management, and the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, as well as for numerous proceedings of national and regional professional associations.

Professor Lindgren has co-authored 10 books and monographs in the field of marketing and serves on the editorial boards of several marketing publications. His multimedia CD-ROM textbook titled Marketing: An Integrated Learning System is a first of its kind, published in 1996. He has developed an expertise in Multimedia learning, multimedia CD-ROM design, Web design and services, and advertising. He has served on the faculty of numerous banking programs throughout the United States. He has designed websites for institutions and served as a consultant for universities, private firms, and federal departments.

Professor Lindgren is past vice president of the American Marketing Association and served on the National AMA Board of Directors. His proudest accomplishment was being named Outstanding Young Professor at the University of Virginia in 1983.

1986 AMA Educators Proceedings

1986 AMA Educators’ Proceedings, Series #52

The 1986 AMA Educators’ Proceedings was edited by Terence A. Shimp, Subhash Sharma, George John, John A. Quelch, John H. Lindgren Jr., William Dillon, Meryl Paula Gardner, and Robert F. Dyer. This work is a compilation of papers presented at the 1986 American Marketing Association Summer Educators’ Conference. The papers are divided into six tracks – Buyer Behavior; Research Methodology; Public Policy and Metamarketing; Marketing Management and Institutions ; Marketing Education; as well as Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Control. The papers analyze the trends, issues, innovations, regulation, and policies pertaining to marketing from the teaching and academic perspective.