Lee Adler

Mr. Lee Adler authored, edited, and co-authored several works in the field of marketing, such as Managing the Marketing Research Function, Attitude Research at Sea, and Attitude Research on the Rocks. He worked for the Interpublic Group of Companies.

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Attitude Research At Sea

Attitude Research at Sea

Attitude Research at Sea was edited by Lee Adler and Irving Crespi. This work is a collection of papers on attitude research presented on board the S.S. Ocean Monarch during a cruise to Bermuda in 1966. The papers discuss the application of attitude research techniques to the broad range of marketing and advertising field. Incorporation of conceptual framework, methodology, application, and case studies pertaining to attitude research make this compilation handy for academics and practitioners.

Attitude Research On The Rocks

Attitude Research on the Rocks

Attitude Research on the Rocks was edited by Lee Adler and Irving Crespi. This work is the collection of proceedings presented at the 1967 Attitude Research Conference held “at the rocks” of Puerto Rico. The proceedings attempt to clarify some unresolved theoretical and methodological issues in attitude research. The book covers six topics viz., attitude change and behavior change, prediction and exploration in attitude research, quantitative and qualitative methods in attitude research, developments in attitude measurements, user evaluation on attitude research, and future learning in attitude research. There is also a concluding chapter that sums up the discussions that took place in the conference.

Managing The Marketing Research Function

Managing the Marketing Research Function

Managing the Marketing Research Function is a monograph produced by the American Marketing Association to fill the gap in existing literature on the managerial side of marketing research. The text provides a discussion of and suggestions for the most effective techniques for managing the marketing research function. The authors’ objective is twofold: first, to help marketing researchers manage the research function most effectively in order to make a greater contribution to the marketing process; secondly, to help marketing and corporate executives understand the managerial process and problems. The topics of discussion include:

  • Dealing with the political and emotional climate in which market researchers must work;
  • Technical factors effecting the growth of marketing research, including real-world examples; and
  • The role of the research function in providing meaningful input in corporate plans and problems.

This monograph brings much needed attention to the marketing practitioners’ need for developing communication links and credibility in order to increase the impact of market research. The authors, distinguished Professors Adler and Mayer, focus primarily on the management, organization, and control of the research function to improve its use as a tool in decision making. This text will prove a highly informative and beneficial tool not only to research professionals and marketing executives, but educators, advertising agencies and consulting firms as well.