Louis P. Bucklin

Louis P. Bucklin is a well-known Professor of Marketing, Emeritus, at the prominent Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. He has written a number of classic papers in business marketing and is the editor of the Journal of Retailing. Professor Bucklin was appointed to a prestigious position as the 1994 Unilever-Erasmus Visiting Professorship at the Rotterdam School of Management and School of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Productivity In Marketing

Productivity in Marketing

Productivity in Marketing is a production of the American Marketing Association as part of the Project of Measuring Marketing Productivity. Distinguished Professor Louis P. Bucklin, from the University of California at Berkeley, produced this text out of a culmination of essays and one working paper. This monograph addresses the difficult concept of accurate productivity measures, statistics designed to measure changes in the movement of goods and resources.

  • A definition of productivity, as well as an overview of the concept’s use and function in marketing activities;
  • The proper methodology for the measurement of productivity input and output, including several examples and formulas; and,
  • An analysis of the managerial and environmental forces which directly affect levels of marketing productivity.

Through this overview, the author demonstrates the importance of research into the productivity of marketing, as well as its validity in effective decision making. This monograph will prove a highly useful tool for managers of industrial organizations and government officials who deal with policy and decision-making.