Louise Heslop

Louise Heslop is the Professor of Marketing at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. She was a former faculty member of the University of Guelph and has worked at Statistics Canada as a Senior Social Science Researcher on an Executive Interchange agreement. Her research and professional interests focus on marketing and business strategy. Her research covers many areas of marketing with emphasis on consumer behavior and decision making, especially country and brand cue use. She has been identified as one of the most published authors of research in country image and branding.

Her research interests also include many dimensions of food marketing, including consumer acceptance of new food technologies, domestic vs. international food selection, food promotion to children, and wine marketing. She has authored, co-authored, or edited over 200 publications. She has received almost $1 million in research funding, primarily from Canadian federal government sources. She has taught, presented guest and keynote lectures, and conducted research in over 20 countries.


Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective

Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective is a collection of papers presented in the Third Triennial Canadian Marketing Workshop held in Toronto in June 1979. This collection is edited by Donald N. Thompson, Patricia Simmie, Louise Heslop, and Stanley J. Shapiro. The papers present a historical perspective of macromarketing in the 1980s with a Canadian perspective, including the general areas of consumerism, consumer protection public policy, and market regulation. Canadian market-specific issues that were prevalent at that time such as promoting visual art, post-offices, and energy management are also featured.