Meryl P. Gardner

Meryl P. Gardner is Associate Professor of Marketing in the Department of Business Administration at the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware. She holds her Ph.D. in marketing. She has written, co-written, and edited several proceedings, articles, book chapters, and books mainly on consumer behavior and research. She teaches marketing research, consumer behavior, and marketing management. Her research focuses are macromarketing, mood-related consumer behavior, and sales interactions and relationship marketing.

1986 AMA Educators Proceedings

1986 AMA Educators’ Proceedings, Series #52

The 1986 AMA Educators’ Proceedings was edited by Terence A. Shimp, Subhash Sharma, George John, John A. Quelch, John H. Lindgren Jr., William Dillon, Meryl Paula Gardner, and Robert F. Dyer. This work is a compilation of papers presented at the 1986 American Marketing Association Summer Educators’ Conference. The papers are divided into six tracks – Buyer Behavior; Research Methodology; Public Policy and Metamarketing; Marketing Management and Institutions ; Marketing Education; as well as Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Control. The papers analyze the trends, issues, innovations, regulation, and policies pertaining to marketing from the teaching and academic perspective.