Mike Reilly

Dr. Mike Reilly is Professor of Marketing at Montana State University. Prior to joining the MSU faculty in 1984, he taught in the marketing department at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He has taught a wide variety of courses including marketing management, promotion management, advanced advertising, entrepreneurship, and the strategic management of technical innovations. His research interests are in consumer behavior and in the marketing of small and entrepreneurial businesses. He has published a number of journal articles on these and other topics.

Dr. Reilly regularly serves as a consultant to a variety of small- and medium-sized businesses and government agencies, primarily for marketing analysis and strategy. In addition, he has served as chief marketing officer for several ventures, both commercial and non-commercial.

Dr. Reilly received his M.B.A. and Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. His undergraduate work in psychology and sociology was at the University of Delaware.

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1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings

1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings

The 1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings contains papers presented at the annual educators’ conference of the American Marketing Association. The 93 papers are compiled into six tracks: Public Policy and Metamarketing; Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Control; Research Methodology; Marketing Management and Institutions, Buyer Behavior; and, Marketing Education. These papers provide a historical review of marketing academics. Also featured is a white paper entitled, “Policy on Marketing Conference,” in 1984 for the AMA education council.