Newton Frank

Newton Frank co-edited the proceeding Marketing Strategies for A Tough Environment with Peter J. LaPlaca. Frank was the Vice President of the Data Development Corporation in New York in 1970s and 1980s. In 1982, he was elected president of the New York Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Marketing Strategies For A Tough Environment

Marketing Strategies for a Tough Environment

Marketing Strategy for a Tough Environment, edited by Peter J. LaPlaca and Newton Frank, is a collection of 46 papers presented at the 62nd annual gathering of American Marketing Association. The presenters were comprised of marketing professionals from a broad spectrum in the U.S. marketing industry. The papers are segmented into six parts viz., effects of government regulation in marketing, marketing communication, impact of energy in marketing decisions, scope of R&D in marketing, use of strategic planning in marketing, and marketing education — to present a wholesome view of marketing in the 1980s.