Paul S. Busch

Paul S. Busch is a Professor of Marketing at the Lowry Mays College & Graduate School of Business at Texas A&M University. He has published over 40 articles, some of which have appeared in journals such as the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, Decision Sciences, Journal of Business Research, and Business Horizons. He has co-authored (with Professor Mike Houston) an introductory marketing text, Marketing Strategic Foundations.

Dr. Busch has been a member off the Editorial Review Boards of: Journal of Marketing (1979-1996), and currently serves on the boards of Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, Asian Journal of Marketing, and Marketing Management. He has conducted marketing research and served as a marketing consultant for a variety of industries including: manufacturing, health care, public utilities, retailing, soft drinks, federal highways administration, defense, information technology, and university administration.

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