Paul E. Green

Dr. Paul E. Green is Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He is working on an optimal product and product line design, new methods for market segmentation, and marketing strategy in competitive reaction environments. He received the Lifetime Achievement in Marketing Research Award from the American Marketing Association in 1996. The American Marketing Association established the annual Paul E. Green Award in 1996.

Nonmetric Approaches to Multivariate Analysis in Marketing

Chapter 14: Nonmetric Approaches to Multivariate Analysis in Marketing

Chapter 14 of Multivariate Methods for Market and Survey Research

The chapter is concerned with techniques expressly designed for dealing with sets of multivariate data whose variables are in part or totally ordinal-scaled. The basic concept on which these techniques are based is monotonic regression, which is fully discussed. The concepts future applications and potential evolution are also examined.

Some Conceptual Measurement Analytical Problems

Chapter 4: Some Conceptual, Measurement, and Analytical Problems in Life Style Research

Chapter 4 of Life Style and Psychographics

The chapter focuses on measurement, analytical and conceptual problems of life style and psychographic research. Specifically, Wind and Green focus on four questions: first, what is the role of life styles in marketing research? Second, how might the concept of life styles be modeled? Third, how might life style indicators be critiqued? And lastly, how might life style response data be analyzed? The ultimate goal is to suggest new ways of approaching the problems associated with life style and psychographic research.