Richard P. Bagozzi

Richard P. Bagozzi is Dwight F. Benton Professor of Behavioral Science in Management, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. He completed his doctoral education from Northwestern university. He is conferred honorary doctorates from University of Lausanne, Switzerland, University of Antwerp, Belgium, and Norwegian School of Economics. Prof. Bagozzi does basic research into human emotions, decision making, social identity, and action. This work has been applied to the study of consumers, patients, doctors, salespersons, managers, and organizations. He also does reseach into multivariate statistics and its relationship to measurement, construct validity, theory, hypotheses testing, and the philosophy of science. He has been an occasional reviewer and Editorial Board Member of numerous academic, marketing, business and consumer research journals. His research articles are published in many journals. He has authored and co-authored a dozen books on marketing management and consumer psychology. He has also edited monographs, research compilations, and proceedings.

1987 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference: Marketing Theory

1987 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference: Marketing Theory

1987 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference: Marketing Theory is a collection of proceeding papers. These papers are jointly edited by Russell W. Belk, Gerald Zaltman, Richard Bagozzi, David Brinberg, Rohit Deshpande, A. Fuat Firat, Morris B. Holbrook, Jerry C. Olson, John F. Sherry and Barton Weitz. The papers focus on several conceptual tracks pertaining to marketing theory such as alternative ways of knowing, and sociology of the profession. These papers present new directions of inquiry in these areas as well as in other areas of marketing theory.

Marketing In The 80s

Marketing in the 80’s: Changes & Challenges (1980 Educators’ Conference Proceedings Series No. 46)

Marketing in the 80’s: Changes and Challenges is edited by Richard P. Bagozzi, David W. Cravens, Kenneth L. Bernhardt, Jospeh F. Hair Jr., Paul S. Busch, and Carol A. Scott. This volume is a compilation of proceedings presented at the 1980s Educators’ Conference. The papers focus on the problem and opportunities which would confront marketing in the 1980s. The collection of 124 papers are consolidated in five tracks: research methodology, public policy, marketing management, education, and consumer behavior.