Robert S. Hancock

Robert S. Hancock edited the proceedings Dynamic Marketing for a Changing World in 1960. The University of Minnesota Duluth has an award entitled, The Robert S. Hancock Award for Academic Achievement and Commitment to the Marketing Profession. The University of Delaware has the Robert Hancock Undergraduate Research Award.

Dynamic Marketing For A Changing World

Dynamic Marketing for a Changing World: Proceedings of the 43rd National Conference of the American Marketing Association

Dynamic Marketing for a Changing World edited by Robert S. Hancock is a proceeding compilation of the 1960 National Conference of the AMA. The 52 topics discussed are broadly classified into five parts, excluding the special luncheon addresses. Markets and Market Problems in the Changing World discusses various marketing issues in specific verticals such as agriculture, goods and services, international marketing, and government relations. Marketing Management, Intelligence and Education addresses concerns of the topics stated in the title. Industrial Marketing involves detailed analysis on distribution channels, industrial buying decision, and sales forecasting. Marketing Research discusses research conducted in various stages such as product planning, new product development, advertising, consumer research, international marketing research, and incorporation of census data in marketing research. A collection of Special Interest Topics are also featured. This includes women as target audience, public utility marketing, and new product function.