Robert F. Lusch

Robert F. Lusch is James and Pamela Muzzy Chair in Entrepreneurship at Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. He is also the Executive Director of McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Lusch has a doctorate in Business Administration with marketing and accounting emphasis. He researches in verticals such as Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy, Complex Adaptive Systems, Marketing Channels, Marketing and Organizational Performance, Service Dominant Logic of Marketing, Retailing, and Innovation in Society.

Professor Luck is a recipient of the AMA/Sheth Foundation Award for Long-Standing Contributions to the Marketing Literature. He has been contributing articles in various academic and research journals for more than four decades. He has authored, co-authored, edited, and co-edited about 30 books.

1983 Educators Proceedings

1983 Educators’ Proceedings: Series No. 49

The 1983 AMA Educators’ Proceedings is edited by Patrick E. Murphy, O.C. Ferrell, Eugene R. Laczniak, Robert F. Lusch, Paul F. Anderson, Terence A. Shimp, Russell W. Belk, and Charles B. Weinberg. This volume consists of 102 papers and special presentations, which were presented in six competitive tracks during the 1983 Marketing Educators’ Conference. The six tracks are Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Education, Marketing Mix, Public Policy, and Research Methodology. The papers seek to expand theoretical boundaries of the marketing discipline, refine existing marketing principles, and introduce new perspectives.

1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings

1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings

The 1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings contains papers presented at the annual educators’ conference of the American Marketing Association. The 93 papers are compiled into six tracks: Public Policy and Metamarketing; Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Control; Research Methodology; Marketing Management and Institutions, Buyer Behavior; and, Marketing Education. These papers provide a historical review of marketing academics. Also featured is a white paper entitled, “Policy on Marketing Conference,” in 1984 for the AMA education council.