Robert A. Peterson

Robert A. Peterson is the Associate Vice-President for Research in the Department of Marketing Administration at the Red McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin. He holds the distinguished John T. Stuart III Centennial Chair in Business. He is also a Charles E. Hurwitz Centennial Fellow, and a Richard Seaver Centennial Fellow. In addition, he is the Research Integrity Officer, a position which allows him to oversee and ensure the scholarly conduct of all involved in research projects.

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1984 Ama Educators Proceedings

1984 AMA Educators’ Proceedings, Series #50

The 1984 AMA Marketing Educators’ Proceedings were edited by Russell W. Belk, Robert Peterson, Gerald S. Albaum, Morris B. Holbrook, Roger A. Kerin, Naresh K. Malhotra, and Peter Wright. This volume contains 95 papers presented in five tracks – Marketing Education, Marketing Theory and Public Policy, Marketing Management and Strategy, Research Methodology and Issues, and Buyer Behavior. Also featured are the transcripts of special sessions ranging from panel discussion to empirical demonstrations. These session copies cover topics such as the AACSB test of basic marketing knowledge, the use of microcomputers, marketing and consumption of the third world, and projective research methods.

Trends In Consumer Behavior

Trends in Consumer Behavior

Trends in Consumer Behavior Research is one in a series of monographs produced by the American Marketing Association in order to establish marketing as a professional field, provide materials to assist educators, and encourage the continuous use and improvement of marketing techniques. This monograph provides a concise overview of the history, current state, and future potential of consumer research behavior. The author focuses on significant trends and their implications for future research. The topics discussed include:

  • The two basic types of consumer studies, which focus on either behavioral or psychological orientations;
  • The overall trends in consumer research as evident in descriptive, predictive, and explanatory research; and,
  • Exploring the phenomenon using the personality-product usage behavior research tradition.

This monograph has been created to serve as a tool for managers, marketing practitioners, and business owners concerned with stale decision information. In the quickly developing world of consumer research, Trends in Consumer Behavior Research provides an insightful and thoroughly researched guide to the complex and ever expanding field.