Sidney Levy

Sidney Levy is Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Behavioral Science in Management at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He is recognized as one of the main contributors to marketing and consumer behavior in the twentieth century for his work on brand image, symbolism, and cultural meaning in marketing. With Philip Kotler, he challenged the view of marketing as restricted to commercial activities, and redefined the concept of Marketing as an all-encompassing phenomenon that could be applied to a broad range of social activities. He was inducted as an Association for Consumer Research Fellow (1982), the highest honor accorded to academic consumer researchers for contributions to consumer research. In recognition of his role as one of the intellectual pioneers of Consumer Culture Theory (CCT), The Sidney J. Levy Award was created in 2008. The award is given to the best CCT dissertation article published in the preceding year.

Efficiency And Effectiveness In Marketing

1988 AMA Educators’ Proceedings: Efficiency and Effectiveness in Marketing

The 1988 AMA Educators’ Proceedings: Efficiency and Effectiveness in Marketing is a collection of papers edited by Gary Frazier, Charles Ingene, David Aaker, Avijit Ghosh, Tom Kinnear, Sidney Levy, Richard Staelin, and John Summers. The papers are a product of some eminent academic marketers with deep knowledge in efficient and effective marketing. The papers are consolidated into six tracks – Marketing Strategy, Buyer Behavior, Marketing Education, Marketing Management, Public Policy, and Research Methods. This volume also contains the papers presented at six special sessions on diversified topics such as in-store information search in retail marketing, the future of post-positivist methods in marketing, and American-European perspectives in the buyer-seller relationship.