Terry Deutscher

Dr. Terry Deutscher is Professor Emeritus at the Richard Ivey School of Business in Toronto at the University of Western Ontario. His expertise includes innovation, marketing strategy, marketing technology, and introducing new products. His research and course development focuses on marketing management, business-to-business marketing, and achieving market leadership. Dr. Deutscher has been a Visiting Professor at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, and at Cornell University. He was also an Assistant Professor at Ohio State University.

Disadvantaged Consumers Research Dimensions

Chapter 1: Disadvantaged Consumers: Research Dimensions

Chapter 1 of Minorities and Marketing: Research Challenges

The authors’ objective is to establish specific fundamental propositions, regarding consumer behavior, to serve as the foundation for a systematic analysis of disadvantaged consumers. The chapter provides a framework to be used by future researchers in making systematic contributions to knowledge of low-income consumers. The chapter advocates the use of theoretical constructs and the specific propositions analyzed in the text for improved research on the disadvantaged consumer.