Wenzil K. Dolva

Wenzil K. Dolva edited several works in the field of marketing, such as the proceeding Marketing Keys to Profits in the 1960’s. He was Dean of the School of Business at Western Reserve University in the late 1950s.

Marketing Keys To Profits In The 1960s

Marketing Keys to Profits in the 1960’s

Marketing Keys to Profits in the 1960’s was edited by Wenzil K. Dolva. This work is a compilation of papers presented at the Cleveland National Conference on marketing in 1959. The papers and discussions not only reflect the thinking of the times, but they record the state of marketing knowledge at the end of 1950s. Divided in seven parts, the papers are consolidated on the basis of Dolva’s comments, intellectuals’ expertise, marketing management, the consumer, industrial marketing, marketing research, and special interests such as bank marketing, insurance marketing, and credit cards.