William R. George

William R. George authored, co-authored, and edited several works in the field of marketing, such as Marketing of Services. In 1981, he taught at Rutgers University.

Developing New Services

Developing New Services

Developing New Services was edited by William R. George and Claudia E. Marshall. This work is a collection of presentations from a symposium by the same name held in 1983. The focus of these presentations is on elements critical to effective design and implementation of new service. This includes developing a climate for innovation of new services, new services development systems and processes, as well as the role of employees in new services development.

Marketing Of Services

Marketing of Services

Marketing of Services was edited by James H. Donnelly and William R. George. This work is a collection of papers presented at the 1981 Special Educators’ conference, the first conference to be dedicated solely to services marketing. The papers are consolidated based on four tracks – Professional Services, Services Theory, Non-profit/Public Sector Services, and Commercial Services. The papers intend to stimulate interest, to provide knowledge in services marketing, and to act as a platform to bring academics and practitioners closer in order to address the key issues in services marketing.