William D. Wells

Dr. William D. Wells is retired from being Professor of Advertising at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Dr. Wells is the former Executive Vice President and Director of Marketing Services at DDB Needham Chicago. He is the only representative of the advertising business elected to the Attitude Research Hall of Fame. Dr. Wells was formerly Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Chicago. He joined Needham, Harper, Chicago as Director of Corporate Research. He is the author of more than 60 books and articles.

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Attitude Research At Bay

Attitude Research at Bay

Attitude Research at Bay was edited by Deborah Johnson and William D. Wells. This work is a collection of papers on attitude presented at the San Francisco Attitude Research Conference in 1974. Divided into five sections, the papers elaborate on psychological economics, multiple roles of attitudes, attitude research and public policy, attitudes and media, and attitudinal influence on purchasing behavior. At the end of each section, an expert comment on the papers presented is also available.

Life Style and Psychographics: Definitions, Uses, and Problems

Chapter 13: Life Style and Psychographics: Definitions, Uses, and Problems

Chapter 13 of Life Style and Psychographics

Wells has divided the section into three parts. The first handles the question of definitions, specifying the differences between life style and psychographic research. Secondly, he summarizes a variety of uses in which life style and psychographic research has been employed. The final section describes the difficulties, problems, and controversies that are still unresolved.

Life Style And Psychographics Cover

Life Style and Psychographics Full Book

Life Style and Psychographics provides an opportunity to obtain a firm grasp of the emerging dimensions of life style and psychographic analysis. The specific applications, accomplishments, and research findings are fully discussed. Topics of discussion include:

  • Conceptual, measurement, and analytical problems in life style research
  • The role of psychographics in the development of media strategy
  • European developments in psychographics

This thoroughly detailed work is written by a variety of distinguished scholars, all drawn together by first-hand research and a firm belief in the value of life style and psychographic analysis. It will prove highly useful to market researchers and strategists, as well as students and faculty of business, economics, and management.

Table of Contents

  1. Psychographics and from Whence It Came
  2. The Development and Application of Psychographic Lifestyle and Associated Activity and Attitude Measures
  3. Construing Life Style and Psychographics
  4. Some Conceptual, Measurement, and Analytical Problems in Life Style Research
  5. The Role of Psychographics in the Development of Advertising Strategy and Copy
  6. Applications of Life Style Research to the Creation of Advertising Campaigns
  7. Life Style Analysis as a Basis for Media Selection
  8. Use of Psychographics in Analysis of Channels of Distribution
  9. Psychographics and Industrial Design
  10. Life Style: The Essence of Social Class
  11. European Developments in Psychographics
  12. The Second Generation of Market Segmentation Studies: An Audit Buying Motivation
  13. Life Style and Psychographics: Definitions, Uses, and Problems