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Psychology In Media Strategy

Psychology in Media Strategy

Psychology in Media Strategy was edited by Leo Bogart. This work is a collection of papers presented at a 1965 symposium sponsored by the American Marketing Association’s media research committee. These papers and discussion transcripts explain the contribution of experimental psychology in the field of marketing and advertising, as well as open up vast research opportunities in this topic. This volume also contains Dr. Herbert Krugman’s 1965 presidential address before the American Association for Public Opinion Research.

Research At The Top

Research at the Top: Better Data for Organizational Policy Making

Research at the Top is a monograph produced by the American Marketing Association in a series focusing on various forms of marketing research. The authors, Gabriel and Betsy Gelb, are both experienced consultants and marketing researchers. In this monograph, they demonstrate how the creative application of marketing research can provide a factual foundation for determining business and marketing policies.

The topics of discussion include, but are not limited to:

  • The importance and relevance of marketing research among policy makers;
  • Incorporating research results into policy decision making; and,
  • Various approaches and techniques for evaluating and improving policy research.

The authors have provided a comprehensive overview of policy research to serve as a guide for business firms, marketing research agencies, and corporate settings. Through these discussions and real company case histories, the text demonstrates the importance of policy research and its findings to all levels of management.

Review Of Marketing 1981

Review of Marketing 1981

Review of Marketing 1981 is an anthology of 20 papers edited by Ben. M. Enis and Kenneth J. Roering. This work presents a review of developments in the marketing discipline in the 1980s. Written by eminent academics, the papers cover buyer behavior, marketing research and methodology, marketing theory, marketing management, and marketing environment.

Review Of Marketing 1990

Review of Marketing 1990

Review of Marketing 1990, edited by Valarie A. Zeithaml, presents a historical perspective of research and strategy of the marketing discipline in the 1990s. The collection contains 14 articles classified under six sections: consumer behavior, organizational buying behavior, distribution, marketing information, marketing strategy and performance, and marketing theory. The articles review both traditional and contemporary marketing topics with special focus on consumer satisfaction.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting provides a detailed yet simplified guide for companies discerning appropriate forecasting models. This text was specifically designed to aid business decision-makers who have a need for forecasts, but are uncomfortable with the process. By addressing common problems, benefits, and disadvantages involved with each model, the text offers a simple formula for determining the appropriate forecasting model. The topics of discussion include:

  • Determining a forecasting model’s accuracy, consistency, accountability, and implementation;
  • Selection of a model based on required data (quantitative or qualitative) and how that data will be used; and,
  • What questions should be asked before choosing an appropriate model.

The various models of product forecasting are presented and analyzed in an informative yet easily accessible style that will prove invaluable for business owners, decision-makers, as well as marketing and economics students. Regardless of the size of the business or project, this guide provides simple step-by-step instructions to fully understand the selection and implementation processes involved with forecasting models.

Research Techniques Forum

Second Annual Advanced Research Techniques Forum

Second Annual Advanced Research Techniques Forum was edited by Rene Mora. This work is a collection of papers presented at a forum by the same name in Colorado in 1991. The papers analyze some of the popular methods used in marketing research such as preference and choice modeling, strategic category research, and pricing research. Each paper is followed by a compilation of highlights of the discussion that happened post-presentation.

Service Excellence Marketings Impact On Performance

Service Excellence: Marketing’s Impact on Performance

Service Excellence: Marketing’s Impact on Performance is a compilation of papers from the 8th Annual Services Marketing Conference held in 1989. These papers provide insights on five steps to service excellence. The five steps envisaged in this volume are: Service Blueprinting – this section answers the why, how, what, and hows of blueprinting; Managing Information – the papers under this section talk about the analyses employed in interpreting and maximizing the use of research data available, with the aid of technology; Communication – includes case study and techniques for formulating effective promotion and communication strategy; Sales Management – the papers discuss the art of optimizing effectiveness of sales force in a services industry, where the quantification is often intangible; Masterclasses – contains transcripts of a special set of lectures by eminent services marketing professionals on specific industry related subjects such as marketing information system for health maintenance organization, customer satisfaction through sales management, and unique service offering.

Services Marketing Self Portraits

Services Marketing Self-Portraits: Introspections, Reflections, and Glimpses from the Experts

Services Marketing Self-Portraits: Introspections, Reflections and Glimpses from the Experts was edited by Raymond P. Fisk, Stephen J. Grove, and Joby John. This anthology is an introspection by the scholars in the field of services marketing and management. Academic legends such as Valarie A. Zeithaml, Parsu Parasuraman, Leonard L. Berry, and Evert Gummesson present a self-critique on their works in services marketing and research.

Social Indicators And Marketing

Social Indicators and Marketing

Social Indicators and Marketing was edited by Robert L. Clewett and Jerry C. Olson. This work is a collection of papers presented at 1972 and 1973 conferences focusing social indicators in context of marketing and business. Fifteen papers are organized in two main parts: social indicators and business response to social values. Part I examines social indicators and their usefulness to marketing and business in general. Part II explains how businesses are responding to changing social values and the tools that can be developed to guide their responses.

Social Indicators A Marketing Perspective

Social Indicators: A Marketing Perspective

Social Indicators: A Marketing Perspective was written by Polia Lerner Hamburger and originally published in 1974. This work is a comprehensive review on social indicators from the perspective of marketing implications. This monograph reports a comprehensive tracing of the historical development of social indicators and presents a viewpoint on the state of the art social indicators which may be applied to marketing.