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Competitive Structure In Retail Markets

Competitive Structure in Retail Markets: The Department Store Perspective

Competitive Structure in Retail Markets: The Department Store Perspective is a revised compilation of papers resulting from a retailing workshop in New York City in April 1979. Stampfl and Hirschman reviewed and edited these papers written by the top names in the field and presented jointly from the American Marketing Association and the New York University’s Institute of Retail Management. These proceedings focus on different ways to address the department store competition with a variety of other stores, as well as the ways and means of improving department stores. The proceedings are a historical perspective describing the role of department stores in retailing in the 1970s.

Dynamic Marketing For A Changing World

Dynamic Marketing for a Changing World: Proceedings of the 43rd National Conference of the American Marketing Association

Dynamic Marketing for a Changing World edited by Robert S. Hancock is a proceeding compilation of the 1960 National Conference of the AMA. The 52 topics discussed are broadly classified into five parts, excluding the special luncheon addresses. Markets and Market Problems in the Changing World discusses various marketing issues in specific verticals such as agriculture, goods and services, international marketing, and government relations. Marketing Management, Intelligence and Education addresses concerns of the topics stated in the title. Industrial Marketing involves detailed analysis on distribution channels, industrial buying decision, and sales forecasting. Marketing Research discusses research conducted in various stages such as product planning, new product development, advertising, consumer research, international marketing research, and incorporation of census data in marketing research. A collection of Special Interest Topics are also featured. This includes women as target audience, public utility marketing, and new product function.

17th Paul D Converse Symposium

Proceedings of the 17th Paul D. Converse Symposium

Proceedings of the 17th Paul D. Converse Symposium was edited by Cele Otnes and William Qualls. These proceedings were presented at the 2010 conference. This volume contains presentations by four award recipients who were recognized for their outstanding contributions in marketing theory and science. Also featured are reviews of the recipients contributions by other marketing scholars. The recipients are as follows: Joseph W. Alba for his outstanding contribution to Consumer Research; Leonard L. Berry for his exceptional works in services marketing; Kent B. Monroe for his pioneer research on the information value of price; P. Rajan Varadarajan for his extraordinary works in the field of strategy, international marketing,and electronic commerce; and, Valarie A. Zeithaml for her exhaustive research in customer expectations.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting provides a detailed yet simplified guide for companies discerning appropriate forecasting models. This text was specifically designed to aid business decision-makers who have a need for forecasts, but are uncomfortable with the process. By addressing common problems, benefits, and disadvantages involved with each model, the text offers a simple formula for determining the appropriate forecasting model. The topics of discussion include:

  • Determining a forecasting model’s accuracy, consistency, accountability, and implementation;
  • Selection of a model based on required data (quantitative or qualitative) and how that data will be used; and,
  • What questions should be asked before choosing an appropriate model.

The various models of product forecasting are presented and analyzed in an informative yet easily accessible style that will prove invaluable for business owners, decision-makers, as well as marketing and economics students. Regardless of the size of the business or project, this guide provides simple step-by-step instructions to fully understand the selection and implementation processes involved with forecasting models.

Research Techniques Forum

Second Annual Advanced Research Techniques Forum

Second Annual Advanced Research Techniques Forum was edited by Rene Mora. This work is a collection of papers presented at a forum by the same name in Colorado in 1991. The papers analyze some of the popular methods used in marketing research such as preference and choice modeling, strategic category research, and pricing research. Each paper is followed by a compilation of highlights of the discussion that happened post-presentation.

Theoretical Developments In Marketing

Theoretical Developments in Marketing

Theoretical Development in Marketing, edited by Charles W. Lamb, Jr. and Patrick M. Dunne, is a part of proceeding series published by the American Marketing Association. This work is a collection of 65 papers which were presented at the Special Educators Conference held in Phoenix during February 1980. Spread across 23 chapters that begins with a retrospective of Wroe Alderson – the father of marketing theory, these papers examine the niche areas of marketing such as pricing, distribution, channels, customer satisfaction, promotion, and sales management, as well as the marketing system in total, besides a special focus on the interrelationships of various marketing components.

Contemporary Views On Marketing Practice

Contemporary Views on Marketing Practice Full Book

Contemporary Views on Marketing Practice describes four main issues of marketing practice. Part one focuses on the marketing role in a contemporary business. Part two discusses strategic market planning and implementation. Part three addresses the marketing mix itself with product and price variables. Part four centers on the promotion and place variables. How the marketing managers within the company address these issues will cause the firm to either promote itself, or fail with its customers.

Table of Contents

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  1. Broadening the Concept of Marketing Still Further: The Megamarketing Concept
  2. A Normative Theory of Marketing Practice
  3. Marketing Theory and Application to the Modern Corporation
  4. Metamorphosis in Strategic Market Planning
  5. Analytic Hierarchy Process for Generation and Evaluation of Marketing Mix Strategies
  6. Examining Marketing Strategy from a Contingency Perspective
  7. Marketing Strategy Implementation
  8. Brand Leverage: Strategy for Growth in a Cost-control World
  9. How Service Needs Influence Product Strategy
  10. Toward a Theory of New-Product Pricing
  11. Push and Pull Strategies in Industrial Markets: A Normative Framework
  12. Integrated Marketing Communications
  13. The New Electronic Media “Videotex”