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Frontiers In Marketing Thought

Frontiers in Marketing Thought: Contributed Papers, Conference of The American Marketing Association

Frontiers in Marketing Thought was edited by Stewart H. Rewoldt. This work contains papers presented at the Conference of American Marketing Association in 1954. The papers focus on the content of broadly based marketing concepts rather than how to teach marketing perspective. Designed specifically for marketing teachers, the papers also aid other marketing personnel by providing insights on physical handling, discount selling, value added marketing, branding, motivation research, and a comprehensive round up on research in marketing.

Market Information And Research In Fashion Management

Market Information and Research in Fashion Management

Market Information and Research in Fashion Management, edited by Elizabeth A. Richards and David Rachman, is a collection of papers presented at a symposium on market information and research in fashion management in 1976. These papers explore the possibility of systematic marketing management within the apparel manufacturing and retailing segment of the New York business communities in the late 1970s.

The proceedings are divided into t