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Enhancing Knowledge Development In Marketing

Enhancing Knowledge Development in Marketing: Perspectives and Viewpoints

Enhancing Knowledge Development in Marketing: Perspectives and Viewpoints was edited by P. Rajan Varadarajan and Anil Menon. This monograph brings together the thoughts and concerns of some of the leading marketing academics and practitioners on the issue of knowledge development and knowledge use within the marketing discipline. Also included are selected papers presented at special sessions on enhancing knowledge development in marketing at the 1989 AMA Summer Marketing Educators Conference.

Market Information And Research In Fashion Management

Market Information and Research in Fashion Management

Market Information and Research in Fashion Management, edited by Elizabeth A. Richards and David Rachman, is a collection of papers presented at a symposium on market information and research in fashion management in 1976. These papers explore the possibility of systematic marketing management within the apparel manufacturing and retailing segment of the New York business communities in the late 1970s.

The proceedings are divided into three main sections: manufacturers, retailers, and marketing information. While the first two sections provide a first-person account on the problems and opportunities in the fashion business, the third section provides the technical aspects and advantages of using an marketing information system in fashion business.

Marketing And The Future

Marketing and the Future

Marketing And The Future, edited by Donald F. Mulvihill, is a collection of papers presented at a workshop held at Kent State University in October 1980. The compilation predicts the future of marketing as seen from the 1980s perspective, at a time when globalization was underway and the possibility of expanding business in the developing Third World countries was being explored. Also featured is the need for academic education in marketing and the changes needed in the then marketing curriculum to suit the new marketing environment.

Marketing Through The Wholesaler

Marketing Through the Wholesaler/Distributor Channel

This work gives insights into the ramifications of distribution by the wholesaler or distributor method. The book focuses on the manufacturer-distributor relationship, the freedom enjoyed by both as well as the mutual tendency to control the other. The characteristic of the wholesaler/distributor model, along with its goal and strategy, setting up the network, and marketing planning is explained in separate chapters.

Theoretical Developments In Marketing

Theoretical Developments in Marketing

Theoretical Development in Marketing, edited by Charles W. Lamb, Jr. and Patrick M. Dunne, is a part of proceeding series published by the American Marketing Association. This work is a collection of 65 papers which were presented at the Special Educators Conference held in Phoenix during February 1980. Spread across 23 chapters that begins with a retrospective of Wroe Alderson – the father of marketing theory, these papers examine the niche areas of marketing such as pricing, distribution, channels, customer satisfaction, promotion, and sales management, as well as the marketing system in total, besides a special focus on the interrelationships of various marketing components.

Winning Back Your Market

Winning Back Your Market

Winning Back Your Market presents nine fundamental strategies for regenerating corporate efforts with tactical options for the service, consumer, and industrial sectors.

Each strategy demonstrates case histories of successful revitalization of services and products, or plans for putting into practice the strategic options.

Table of Contents

  1. Star-Making Strategies
  2. Entrenching the Existing Business
  3. Switching from End Users to Intermediaries
  4. Creating Mandatory Consumption
  5. Going International
  6. Broadening the Product Horizon
  7. Finding New Applications
  8. Finding New Situations
  9. Repositioning
  10. Redefining Markets
  11. Putting It All Together
Broadening Concept Marketing

Chapter 1: Broadening the Concept of Marketing Still Further

Chapter 1

Broadening the Concept of Marketing Still Further proposes that since the 1980s, the market has reached a new, grand stage of evolution: the megamarketing stage. This broadening of the market has included covering non-profit organizations and using political scientists as part of market research. The benefits of this movement are monumental to schools, hospitals, churches and museums.