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Effective Marketing Coordination

Effective Marketing Coordination: Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth National Conference of the America

Effective Marketing Coordination was edited by George L. Baker, Jr. This work is a collection of proceedings from the 1961 National Conference of the AMA. These conference papers revolve around the theme of effective marketing coordination. Divided in five parts, the papers present the need and use of coordination in every dimension of marketing. The first part elaborates on coordination within marketing segments such as agriculture marketing, banking and finance marketing, defense marketing, pharmaceutical marketing, and public utility marketing. The second part explains the coordination needed during various stages of marketing planning for consumer and industrial goods and services. The third part explains coordination through control, i.e., while using controllable variables like advertising, packaging, and distribution. The fourth part is all about coordination through uncontrollable variables such as marketing regulation and business atmosphere. Finally, the volume explains the importance of coordination in marketing research be it government data or various form of research such as motivational, attitude, or operations. Also featured is an historic perspective of marketing in the 1970s.

Emerging Perspectives On Services Marketing

Emerging Perspectives on Services Marketing

Emerging Perspectives on Services Marketing was edited by Leonard L. Berry, G. Lynn Shostack, and Gregory D. Upah. This work contains proceeding papers presented at an AMA sponsored conference on services economy in Florida in 1982. The papers presented the viewpoint of the rising services market of the 1980s. The papers are topically structures, rather than industry or service specific, to encourage cross-fertilization. The papers discuss a wide range of issues, trends, and practices that are unique to services marketing such as consumer evaluation, service advertising, implementation, and services sales.

Market Information And Research In Fashion Management

Market Information and Research in Fashion Management

Market Information and Research in Fashion Management, edited by Elizabeth A. Richards and David Rachman, is a collection of papers presented at a symposium on market information and research in fashion management in 1976. These papers explore the possibility of systematic marketing management within the apparel manufacturing and retailing segment of the New York business communities in the late 1970s.

The proceedings are divided into three main sections: manufacturers, retailers, and marketing information. While the first two sections provide a first-person account on the problems and opportunities in the fashion business, the third section provides the technical aspects and advantages of using an marketing information system in fashion business.

Marketing Expansion In A Shrinking World

Marketing Expansion in a Shrinking World: 1978 Business Proceedings, Series #42

Marketing Expansion in a Shrinking World was edited by Betsy D. Gelb. This work contains papers presented at the International Marketing Conference in 1968. It addresses the need for marketing practitioners to do more with less resource in a shrinking world, thanks to international trade and depleting mineral resources. The volume is divided into five sections: the Future of Marketing analyses the future in the perspective of marketing manager, researcher and the social role of marketing itself; the Changing and Shrinking World presents an overview of new age consumers such as working women, trade restriction and other external influence on marketing; Industrial Marketing Insights speaks on specific markets such as services market, capital goods market and touches on issues from non-manipulative selling to sales force integration; and, Improvements in Marketing Research is a review of research practices used in the 1970s with specific note on advertising research, industrial marketing research and social research.

Marketing In The 80s

Marketing in the 80’s: Changes & Challenges (1980 Educators’ Conference Proceedings Series No. 46)

Marketing in the 80’s: Changes and Challenges is edited by Richard P. Bagozzi, David W. Cravens, Kenneth L. Bernhardt, Jospeh F. Hair Jr., Paul S. Busch, and Carol A. Scott. This volume is a compilation of proceedings presented at the 1980s Educators’ Conference. The papers focus on the problem and opportunities which would confront marketing in the 1980s. The collection of 124 papers are consolidated in five tracks: research methodology, public policy, marketing management, education, and consumer behavior.

Marketing Of Services

Marketing of Services

Marketing of Services was edited by James H. Donnelly and William R. George. This work is a collection of papers presented at the 1981 Special Educators’ conference, the first conference to be dedicated solely to services marketing. The papers are consolidated based on four tracks – Professional Services, Services Theory, Non-profit/Public Sector Services, and Commercial Services. The papers intend to stimulate interest, to provide knowledge in services marketing, and to act as a platform to bring academics and practitioners closer in order to address the key issues in services marketing.

Minorities And Marketing

Minorities and Marketing: Research Challenges Full Book

Minorities and Marketing is a collection of articles designed to further investigations and knowledge of minority marketing research. The primary focus is on the major unresolved issues and problems in the field. In its goal to present relevant methodologies and theories to deal with these issues, the text offers the following discussions:

  • Establishing specific fundamental propositions regarding consumer behavior to serve as the foundation for systematic analysis;
  • The changes and cause of changes in low-income commercial structures, with particular emphasis on the needs and opportunities for research;
  • An overview of public policy alternatives for change in the marketing system with reference to minority groups; and
  • A review of the relevant concepts regarding consumer credit decisions, paying particular attention to the question of whether there is a distinct low-income segment of credit users who differ form the general population.

With Minorities and Marketing, an invaluable contribution has been made to the study of consumer behavior and marketing research, particularly in regards to disadvantaged communities and buyers. This insightful and highly relevant text will prove to be a useful research tool for faculty and students of marketing research, consumer behavior, public policy, and economics.

Table of Contents
  1. Disadvantaged Consumers: Research Dimensions
  2. Structural Dynamics of the Ghetto Marketplace
  3. Competition and Economic Dualism in the Ghetto Marketplace
  4. Clothing, Race, and Consumer Decision Making
  5. Research Needs in Consumer Credit: The Problems of Low-Income and Minority Consumers
  6. Marketing System Performance and Minority Consumers: Public Policy Alternatives
17th Paul D Converse Symposium

Proceedings of the 17th Paul D. Converse Symposium

Proceedings of the 17th Paul D. Converse Symposium was edited by Cele Otnes and William Qualls. These proceedings were presented at the 2010 conference. This volume contains presentations by four award recipients who were recognized for their outstanding contributions in marketing theory and science. Also featured are reviews of the recipients contributions by other marketing scholars. The recipients are as follows: Joseph W. Alba for his outstanding contribution to Consumer Research; Leonard L. Berry for his exceptional works in services marketing; Kent B. Monroe for his pioneer research on the information value of price; P. Rajan Varadarajan for his extraordinary works in the field of strategy, international marketing,and electronic commerce; and, Valarie A. Zeithaml for her exhaustive research in customer expectations.

Service Excellence Marketings Impact On Performance

Service Excellence: Marketing’s Impact on Performance

Service Excellence: Marketing’s Impact on Performance is a compilation of papers from the 8th Annual Services Marketing Conference held in 1989. These papers provide insights on five steps to service excellence. The five steps envisaged in this volume are: Service Blueprinting – this section answers the why, how, what, and hows of blueprinting; Managing Information – the papers under this section talk about the analyses employed in interpreting and maximizing the use of research data available, with the aid of technology; Communication – includes case study and techniques for formulating effective promotion and communication strategy; Sales Management – the papers discuss the art of optimizing effectiveness of sales force in a services industry, where the quantification is often intangible; Masterclasses – contains transcripts of a special set of lectures by eminent services marketing professionals on specific industry related subjects such as marketing information system for health maintenance organization, customer satisfaction through sales management, and unique service offering.

Services Marketing In A Changing Environment

Services Marketing in a Changing Environment

Services Marketing in a Changing Environment was edited by Thomas M. Bloch, Gregory D. Upah, and Valarie A. Zeithaml. Bloch, Upal, and Zeithaml present papers that discuss the challenges and solutions in the field of service marketing stated by topmost executives in the leading service industries in the 1980s. They also present competitive papers from the 1980s about the varied disciplines in the field of service marketing, such as consumer behavior, marketing theory, and marketing research.