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Consumerism: New Challenges for Marketing

Consumerism: New Challenges for Marketing, edited by Norman Kangun and Lee Richardson, is a historical perspective from the 1970s, produced by the American Marketing Association compilation of collected papers presented at an American Marketing Association conference on consumerism, held at Louisiana State University in March 1976.

The papers trace the consumer movement that began in the 1950s. The selected papers by eminent academics analyze various aspects of consumerism like consumer regulation, consumer product safety, and scope of improving government involvement in consumer programs. Also featured is a research on marketing model of gasoline and petroleum products.

Contemporary Marketing Thought 1977

Contemporary Marketing Thought: 1977 Educators’ Proceedings Series #41

Contemporary Marketing Thought was edited by Barnett A. Greenberg and Danny N. Bellenger. This work is a collection of 107 papers and 54 abstracts presented at the 1977 Marketing Educators’ Conference. The conference discussed a variety of topical issues with respect to marketing studies such as consumer behavior research, consumer choice behavior, advertising allocation, marketing and society, marketing education, corporate social responsibility, as well as retailing studies. The papers attempt to cater to every aspect of marketing with a special focus of academics.

Ecological Marketing

Ecological Marketing

Ecological Marketing was edited by Karl E. Henion, II and Thomas C. Kinnear. This work presents edited versions of papers presented at the First National Workshop on the same topic in 1975. These papers were presented by practicing business executives, university researchers, and a Federal Administration official. They provide state-of-the-art information on the role of business, government, and consumers in dealing with the ecological problems that society faces.


Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective

Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective is a collection of papers presented in the Third Triennial Canadian Marketing Workshop held in Toronto in June 1979. This collection is edited by Donald N. Thompson, Patricia Simmie, Louise Heslop, and Stanley J. Shapiro. The papers present a historical perspective of macromarketing in the 1980s with a Canadian perspective, including the general areas of consumerism, consumer protection public policy, and market regulation. Canadian market-specific issues that were prevalent at that time such as promoting visual art, post-offices, and energy management are also featured.

Marketing Expansion In A Shrinking World

Marketing Expansion in a Shrinking World: 1978 Business Proceedings, Series #42

Marketing Expansion in a Shrinking World was edited by Betsy D. Gelb. This work contains papers presented at the International Marketing Conference in 1968. It addresses the need for marketing practitioners to do more with less resource in a shrinking world, thanks to international trade and depleting mineral resources. The volume is divided into five sections: the Future of Marketing analyses the future in the perspective of marketing manager, researcher and the social role of marketing itself; the Changing and Shrinking World presents an overview of new age consumers such as working women, trade restriction and other external influence on marketing; Industrial Marketing Insights speaks on specific markets such as services market, capital goods market and touches on issues from non-manipulative selling to sales force integration; and, Improvements in Marketing Research is a review of research practices used in the 1970s with specific note on advertising research, industrial marketing research and social research.

Marketing 1776 to 1976 And Beyond

Marketing: 1776-1976 and Beyond, 1976 Educators’ Proceedings Series #39

Marketing: 1776-1976 and Beyond was edited by Kenneth L. Bernhardt. This work is a collection of 1976 Marketing Educators conference proceedings. This massive collection of 126 papers, organized into five tracts: marketing management, research methodology, buyer behavior, macro-marketing, and marketing education which tracks the evolution of marketing over the centuries. Many papers are devoted to social issues, increasing teaching effectiveness, and public policy.

Minorities And Marketing

Minorities and Marketing: Research Challenges Full Book

Minorities and Marketing is a collection of articles designed to further investigations and knowledge of minority marketing research. The primary focus is on the major unresolved issues and problems in the field. In its goal to present relevant methodologies and theories to deal with these issues, the text offers the following discussions:

  • Establishing specific fundamental propositions regarding consumer behavior to serve as the foundation for systematic analysis;
  • The changes and cause of changes in low-income commercial structures, with particular emphasis on the needs and opportunities for research;
  • An overview of public policy alternatives for change in the marketing system with reference to minority groups; and
  • A review of the relevant concepts regarding consumer credit decisions, paying particular attention to the question of whether there is a distinct low-income segment of credit users who differ form the general population.

With Minorities and Marketing, an invaluable contribution has been made to the study of consumer behavior and marketing research, particularly in regards to disadvantaged communities and buyers. This insightful and highly relevant text will prove to be a useful research tool for faculty and students of marketing research, consumer behavior, public policy, and economics.

Table of Contents
  1. Disadvantaged Consumers: Research Dimensions
  2. Structural Dynamics of the Ghetto Marketplace
  3. Competition and Economic Dualism in the Ghetto Marketplace
  4. Clothing, Race, and Consumer Decision Making
  5. Research Needs in Consumer Credit: The Problems of Low-Income and Minority Consumers
  6. Marketing System Performance and Minority Consumers: Public Policy Alternatives
Public Policy And Marketing Practices

Public Policy and Marketing Practices

Public Policy and Marketing Practices is a collection of proceedings edited by Fred C. Allvine. This publication contains the proceedings of a conference focusing on the public policy, the need, extent and character of regulation, and marketing practices area. Some topics also provide insights on consumerism.

Social Indicators And Marketing

Social Indicators and Marketing

Social Indicators and Marketing was edited by Robert L. Clewett and Jerry C. Olson. This work is a collection of papers presented at 1972 and 1973 conferences focusing social indicators in context of marketing and business. Fifteen papers are organized in two main parts: social indicators and business response to social values. Part I examines social indicators and their usefulness to marketing and business in general. Part II explains how businesses are responding to changing social values and the tools that can be developed to guide their responses.

Social Indicators A Marketing Perspective

Social Indicators: A Marketing Perspective

Social Indicators: A Marketing Perspective was written by Polia Lerner Hamburger and originally published in 1974. This work is a comprehensive review on social indicators from the perspective of marketing implications. This monograph reports a comprehensive tracing of the historical development of social indicators and presents a viewpoint on the state of the art social indicators which may be applied to marketing.