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Marketing In Turbulent Times 1975

1975 Combined Proceedings, Series No. 37: Marketing in Turbulent Times and Marketing: The Challenges and the Opportunities

Marketing in Turbulent Times and Marketing: the Challenges and Opportunities, edited by Edward M. Mazze, is a 1975 Combined Proceeding Series brought out by the AMA. This volume of papers presented at the American Marketing Association conference held in Chicago and Rochester in 1975. This large collection of over 150 papers integrated in a single document represents the historical perspective of important thinking on all of the major areas of marketing practice and education. The papers are divided into 13 parts covering every aspect of marketing planning and design to sales management, including challenges to marketing managers and marketing educators. Each part is further divided into sub-sections, thus categorizing this volume into specific topics of interests catering to the changing role of marketing, which was passing through a transition phase in the 1970s.

1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings

1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings

The 1985 AMA Educators’ Proceedings contains papers presented at the annual educators’ conference of the American Marketing Association. The 93 papers are compiled into six tracks: Public Policy and Metamarketing; Marketing Strategy, Planning, and Control; Research Methodology; Marketing Management and Institutions, Buyer Behavior; and, Marketing Education. These papers provide a historical review of marketing academics. Also featured is a white paper entitled, “Policy on Marketing Conference,” in 1984 for the AMA education council.

A Strategic Approach To Business Marketing

A Strategic Approach to Business Marketing

A Strategic Approach to Business Marketing was edited by Robert E. Spekman and David T. Wilson. This work is a compilation of proceedings presented at a two-day winter workshop in 1984. These papers were presented by eminent academics, engaged in business-to-business (B2B) marketing and research. The papers cover a full array of activities, products, and services that exist within the business sector, not just industrial marketing.

Competitive Structure In Retail Markets

Competitive Structure in Retail Markets: The Department Store Perspective

Competitive Structure in Retail Markets: The Department Store Perspective is a revised compilation of papers resulting from a retailing workshop in New York City in April 1979. Stampfl and Hirschman reviewed and edited these papers written by the top names in the field and presented jointly from the American Marketing Association and the New York University’s Institute of Retail Management. These proceedings focus on different ways to address the department store competition with a variety of other stores, as well as the ways and means of improving department stores. The proceedings are a historical perspective describing the role of department stores in retailing in the 1970s.

Designing A Winning Service Strategy

Designing a Winning Service Strategy: 7th Annual Service Marketing Conference Proceedings

Designing a Winning Service Strategy was edited by Mary Jo Bitner and Lawrence A. Crosby. This work is a collection of papers presented at the Annual Services Marketing Conference in 1989. The papers are organized around four basic steps necessary in designing services strategy: the analysis, formation, and evaluation of services strategy; analytical methods, techniques, and the role of research; strategy implementation and organization; and monitoring satisfaction, quality, and performance. Also featured is a presentation from a pre-conference workshop titled, Research in Services Marketing: Where It’s At and Where It’s Going: A Review on Services Marketing Research from the 1990s perspective.

Effective Marketing Coordination

Effective Marketing Coordination: Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth National Conference of the America

Effective Marketing Coordination was edited by George L. Baker, Jr. This work is a collection of proceedings from the 1961 National Conference of the AMA. These conference papers revolve around the theme of effective marketing coordination. Divided in five parts, the papers present the need and use of coordination in every dimension of marketing. The first part elaborates on coordination within marketing segments such as agriculture marketing, banking and finance marketing, defense marketing, pharmaceutical marketing, and public utility marketing. The second part explains the coordination needed during various stages of marketing planning for consumer and industrial goods and services. The third part explains coordination through control, i.e., while using controllable variables like advertising, packaging, and distribution. The fourth part is all about coordination through uncontrollable variables such as marketing regulation and business atmosphere. Finally, the volume explains the importance of coordination in marketing research be it government data or various form of research such as motivational, attitude, or operations. Also featured is an historic perspective of marketing in the 1970s.

Emerging Concepts In Marketing

Emerging Concepts in Marketing: Proceedings of the Winter Conference of the American Marketing Association

Emerging Concepts in Marketing was edited by William S. Decker. This work contains proceedings of the 1962 Winter Conference. Major emphasis of the papers is on the direction in which marketing is headed in the 1960s. The papers discuss advanced thinking and exploration of new concepts developed largely through industry and university research on market planning and the influence of behavioral sciences on marketing.

International Marketing

International Marketing: Managerial Issues, Research, and Opportunities

International Marketing: Managerial Issues, Research, and Opportunities was edited by V.H. Kirpalani. This work contains proceedings presented at the 1983 International Marketing Workshop organized by the AMA. The papers aspire to enhance the knowledge and practice of marketing in the international arena. Besides export marketing practices and international marketing strategies that help business development beyond the American continent, this volume also deals with future marketing strategies to tackle competition from foreign companies setting up their business in American soil.


Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective

Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective is a collection of papers presented in the Third Triennial Canadian Marketing Workshop held in Toronto in June 1979. This collection is edited by Donald N. Thompson, Patricia Simmie, Louise Heslop, and Stanley J. Shapiro. The papers present a historical perspective of macromarketing in the 1980s with a Canadian perspective, including the general areas of consumerism, consumer protection public policy, and market regulation. Canadian market-specific issues that were prevalent at that time such as promoting visual art, post-offices, and energy management are also featured.

Marketing And The Future

Marketing and the Future

Marketing And The Future, edited by Donald F. Mulvihill, is a collection of papers presented at a workshop held at Kent State University in October 1980. The compilation predicts the future of marketing as seen from the 1980s perspective, at a time when globalization was underway and the possibility of expanding business in the developing Third World countries was being explored. Also featured is the need for academic education in marketing and the changes needed in the then marketing curriculum to suit the new marketing environment.