Chapter 17: Antecedent Conditions for Diffusion of Multivariate Methods


Chapter 17 of Multivariate Methods for Market and Survey Research

The chapter poses three valuable questions on multivariate methods intended for the expansion of knowledge in the field. First, in a multiple discriminant or multiple regression problem, how does one choose variables? Second, what is the role of factor analysis in solving marketing problems? Lastly, what is the function of econometric models in marketing research?


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Robert Ferber Robert Ferber

Dr. Robert Ferber was the author or co-author of 17 books, including Statistical Techniques in Market Research (1949), Research Methods in Economics and Business (1962), Estudios Fundamentales de Mercadotecnia (1970), Consumer Panels (with Seymour Sudman, 1979), Consumption and Income Distribution in Latin America: Selected Topics (1980), and Social Experimentation and Economic Policy (1982). Dr. Ferber was a Professor of Marketing, Research Professor of Economics and of Business Administration, and founding Director of the Survey Research Laboratory from 1964 to 1981.


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