Chapter 2: The Development and Application of Psychographic Life Style and Associated Activity and Attitude Measures


Chapter 2 of Life Style and Psychographics

Hustad and Pessemier were commissioned by the marketing Science Institute to examine the field of psychographics and construct an overview of current applications and future potentials. Through numerous and thorough reviews of published articles and interviews with commercial research practitioners, they attempted to extract general themes and provide an overall assessment. The ultimate goal is to clarify the meaning of and importance of psychographic research.


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Edgar A. Pessemier Edgar A. Pessemier

Edgar A. Pessemier authored and co-authored several works in the field of marketing, such as Product Management: Strategy and Organization (Marketing). In the 1960s and 1970s, he was on the faculty of the Krannert Graduate School of Industrial Administration at Purdue University.

Thomas P. Hustad Thomas P. Hustad

Dr. Thomas P. Hustad is the Professor of Marketing and a past chairperson of the MBA program at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He is a Certified New Product Development Professional and has served in various capacities on the faculties of York University in Toronto. He is also a visiting faculty member at City University of Hong Kong, CEU Business School in Budapest, IGBS in Zagreb, Steinbeis University in Berlin, and University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. He was the founder and long time editor (15 years) of the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Professor Hustad was appointed a Crawford Fellow of Innovation in 1993.

Professor Hustad has extensive experience in executive programs on three continents, working with companies such as 3M, British Telecom (UK), IBM (US and Europe), Fidelity Investments, Procter & Gamble, Citibank (US and Asia), BellSouth, Ameritech, Sprint, Sherwin Williams, Siemens, M&M/Mars, Ashland, Kimberly-Clark and FMC Corporation. Professor Hustad has written articles for a number of journals, including the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Advertising Research, Management Science, and Design Management Journal.


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