Diffusing Marketing Theory and Research (The Contributions of Bauer, Green, Kotler, and Levitt)


Diffusing Marketing Theory and Research was edited by Alan R. Andreasen and David Morgan Gardner. These proceedings are a collection of papers presented at the 10th Paul D. Converse Symposium in 1978. This volume contains presentations by three of the four award recipients who were recognized for their outstanding contributions in marketing theory and science. Also featured are reviews of the recipients contributions by other marketing scholars. The recipients are as follows: the late Raymond A. Bauer for Consumer Behavior as Risk Taking; Paul E. Green for his long series of publications on Bayesian and Multivariate Analysis; Philip Kotler for Marketing Management and other articles extending the domain of marketing; and, Theodore Levitt for his book Marketing Myopia.


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Pages: 154
Published: 1979
New Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 9781613113295
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Author information

Alan R. Andreasen Alan R. Andreasen

Alan R. Andreasen is Professor of Marketing at the McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University and Executive Director of the Social Marketing Institute. He is a specialist in consumer behavior and a world leader in the application of marketing to nonprofit organizations, social marketing, and the market problems of disadvantaged consumers. He is the author or editor of seventeen books (including revisions) and numerous monographs.

He is the winner of the 2007 Richard W. Pollay Prize for Intellectual Excellence in Research on Marketing in the Public Interest and, in 2008, received the first lifetime achievement award of the Marketing and Society Special Interest Group of the American Marketing Association. The Journal of Pubic Policy and Marketing selected him as Best Reviewer of 2008.

Dr. Andreasen is an internationally known educator and marketing consultant. He has advised, carried out research, and conducted executive seminars for a widely diversified set of nonprofit and private sector organizations and several government agencies around the world. Among the nonprofit organizations with whom he has worked are: the World Bank, American Cancer Society, AARP, the USAID, American Red Cross, United Way of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, National Endowment for the Arts, National Cancer Institute, Habitat for Humanity International, PBS, and public health programs in Egypt, Thailand, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Indonesia and Bangladesh. He has also worked with for-profit organizations such as KitchenAid, Pepsi-Cola, and the Aspen Highlands Ski Corporation.

David M. Gardner David M. Gardner

Dr. David M. Gardner is Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He teaches courses in marketing strategy, promotion management, and entrepreneurship. His research interests include the marketing of high technology and electronic commerce. He has been a consultant to firms in the hobby, high technology, banking, and retailing industries. He has served as an expert witness in the area of deception and consumer fraud. He received his BSC from the University of Iowa, and both of his graduate degrees, his MS and PhD, from the University of Minnesota. Professor Gardner has been published in the Journal of Information Systems Frontiers and the Handbook of Electronic Commerce.


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