Review of Marketing 1981


Review of Marketing 1981 is an anthology of 20 papers edited by Ben. M. Enis and Kenneth J. Roering. This work presents a review of developments in the marketing discipline in the 1980s. Written by eminent academics, the papers cover buyer behavior, marketing research and methodology, marketing theory, marketing management, and marketing environment.


Book Information

Pages: 272
Published: 1981
New Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 9781613113387
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Author information

Ben M. Enis Ben M. Enis

Ben M. Enis is the founder and CEO of Enis WindGen Renewable Energy Systems, LLC. His career has spanned over fifty years and a multitude of positions, including professor, consultant, market researcher, and author. He earned his B.S., MBA, and Ph.D. from Louisiana State University. He has authored or edited eleven books, and contributed more than 85 articles to various journals of marketing.

Kenneth Roering Kenneth Roering

Kenneth Roering is Professor of Marketing at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He is a prolific researcher and highly-sought consultant specializing in the market-driven development of new products, commercialization, marketing strategy and planning, and interpersonal and interorganizational relations. He has been at the University of Minnesota since 1981.

Dr. Roering has served as a consultant to companies including 3M, The Pillsbury Company, IDS/American Express, Whirlpool, Cargill, Motorola, and many others. Roering also serves on the boards of directors of both Arctic Cat, Inc. and Transport America and is a past board member at Sheldahl Inc., TSI Inc., Ultimap Inc., Midwest Importers, the Childrens Theater Company, and Mid America Bank.


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