The Design of Research Investigations


The Design of Research Investigations was assembled by Robert Ferber, Sidney Cohen, and David J. Luck to explore the marketing research methods in the 1950s. It was produced by the American Marketing Association primarily to discuss the function and value of research investigation. The reports focus on the role of marketing studies in experimental, historical, and inferential research approaches.

The Design of Research Investigations attempts to bring up to date and expand upon the former reports issued by the AMA Committee on Marketing Research Techniques from the years 1946 to 1949. The reports have been gathered to focus attention on problems in various phases of marketing research and provide criteria by which buyers and user of marketing research can evaluate research work. The topics discussed include:

  • The stages of implementing a research design broken into four major categories
  • The nature of the research design’s framework, including objectives, methods, time schedule, and administrative set-up
  • Numerous factors that will affect an investigation’s results or alter the analysis

Book Information

Pages: 18
Published: 1958
New Copyright: 2011
ISBN: 9781613111376
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Author information

David J. Luck David J. Luck

Professor David J. Luck was a prolific author. His classic text, Marketing Research, originally co-authored with Hugh G. Wales and Donald A. Taylor, appeared in seven editions from 1952-87 and in Japanese, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish, among other languages. His other books include Promotional Decision Making: Practice and Theory, Market Strategy, Product Policy and Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Plans and Strategic Marketing Management: Text and Cases.

Robert Ferber Robert Ferber

Dr. Robert Ferber was the author or co-author of 17 books, including Statistical Techniques in Market Research (1949), Research Methods in Economics and Business (1962), Estudios Fundamentales de Mercadotecnia (1970), Consumer Panels (with Seymour Sudman, 1979), Consumption and Income Distribution in Latin America: Selected Topics (1980), and Social Experimentation and Economic Policy (1982). Dr. Ferber was a Professor of Marketing, Research Professor of Economics and of Business Administration, and founding Director of the Survey Research Laboratory from 1964 to 1981.

Sidney Cohen Sidney Cohen

Sidney Cohen co-authored the Design of Research Investigations with Robert Ferber and David J. Luck.


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