John A. Howard

John A. Howard was the George E. Warren Professor Emeritus of Business at Columbia University and was a recognized innovator in the application of basic research in marketing, consumer and buyer behavior. His numerous marketing texts and articles contributed to the development of the profession for nearly 40 years before his death in 1999. Howard also taught at the Universities of Illinois, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Western Ontario and Stanford. His leadership in directing doctoral candidates through the dissertation process influenced both the quality of the research and the preparation of current marketing faculty across the country.

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Advertising And The Public Interest

Advertising and the Public Interest

Divita assembled Advertising and the Public Interest from selected papers of the Advertising and the Public Interest Conference held in Washington, D.C. in May 1973. These papers are written by top names in the field, such as George S. Day, Francesco Nicosia, John A. Howard, and John G. Myers. These papers begin by discussing the 1971 FTC Hearings and move on to discuss all the differing aspects of advertising. Some of the perspectives focus on how television changed advertising, how adult and children consumers feel about the new roles advertising took on in the early 1970s, and new avenues for advertising research.

Confidence Validated Construct

Chapter 9: Confidence as a Validated Construct

Chapter 9 of Models of Buyer Behavior

Confidence as a Validated Construct assesses the extent to which confidence can be viewed as a validated construct. By creating a nomological network with confidence as an element, relations among the construct can be specified. Ultimately, the chapter demonstrates the valuable role of confidence as a variable in buyer behavior.