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A Look Back, A Look Ahead

A Look Back, A Look Ahead: Attitude Research Conference

A Look Back, A Look Ahead was edited by George B. Hafer. This work is a collection of papers originally presented at an Attitude Research Conference held in 1979. The papers review the then state-of-the-art in attitude research and aim to predict the future in the coming decade, from the viewpoint of developers, theoreticians, and practitioners. Divided in seven parts, the papers cover a wide range of topics such as attitude measurement and construction; prediction of consumer behavior; market segmentation; and, scope of utilization of attitude research in other avenues.

A Strategic Approach To Business Marketing

A Strategic Approach to Business Marketing

A Strategic Approach to Business Marketing was edited by Robert E. Spekman and David T. Wilson. This work is a compilation of proceedings presented at a two-day winter workshop in 1984. These papers were presented by eminent academics, engaged in business-to-business (B2B) marketing and research. The papers cover a full array of activities, products, and services that exist within the business sector, not just industrial marketing.

AMA Two Big Days 1946

A.M.A.’s Two Big Days: Proceedings of The Spring Conference of the American Marketing Association

A M.A.’s Two Big Days is a collection of proceedings presented at the 1946 Spring Conference of the American Marketing Association. The conference discussed myriad topics pertaining to marketing in the 1940s. Besides regular reviewing of marketing research and sales budget, the papers focus on the emergence of free market and consumer panels, as well as their effect on brands in a post-war scenario. Also featured is a discussion on China’s industrialization and its effect in American business.

Add Value To Your Service The Key To Success

Add Value to Your Service: The Key to Success

Add Value to Your Service: The Key to Success was edited by Carol Surprenant. This work is a collection of papers presented at the 1987 conference on services marketing. The papers represent a variety of perspectives on values — from what it means and how to deliver it, from both academic and practitioner point of view. They range in scope from broad-based, theoretical papers to fine-tuned applications.

Advertising And The Public Interest

Advertising and the Public Interest

Divita assembled Advertising and the Public Interest from selected papers of the Advertising and the Public Interest Conference held in Washington, D.C. in May 1973. These papers are written by top names in the field, such as George S. Day, Francesco Nicosia, John A. Howard, and John G. Myers. These papers begin by discussing the 1971 FTC Hearings and move on to discuss all the differing aspects of advertising. Some of the perspectives focus on how television changed advertising, how adult and children consumers feel about the new roles advertising took on in the early 1970s, and new avenues for advertising research.

Advertising Research

Advertising Research

Advertising Research is one in a series of monographs produced in part by the American Marketing Association focusing on various facets of marketing research. Distinguished consultant and advertising researcher, Neil Holbert, has contributed his keen insight and experience into this study of the advertising research process. The topics of discussion include:

  • The multiple reasons behind the ongoing discussions and debates over the nature of advertising research;
  • A comprehensive overview of the advertising research process, including a framework of progressive degrees of involvement; and
  • An analysis of the obstacles, challenges, and trends defining the research process.

Advertising Research provides a concise yet thorough coverage of research techniques and issues, with the ultimate goal of fostering a greater understanding of its value as a facet of marketing. This monograph is geared towards the primary users of research, the marketing executive. It should be of great use as well to marketing managers hoping to improve their understanding and evaluation of advertising research.

An Assessment Of Marketing Thought And Practice

An Assessment of Marketing Thought & Practice: 1982 Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Series No. 48

An Assessment of Marketing Thought & Practice contains proceeding papers from the 1982 Educators conference, intended to familiarize educators with techniques, perspectives, and concepts that can enhance their development as teachers and researchers. This compilation is jointly edited by Bruce J. Walker, William O. Bearden, William R. Darden, Patrick E. Murphy, John R. Nevin, Jerry C. Olson, and Barton A. Weitz. The papers are categorized into 6 tracks parallel to the conference theme, with the award-winning paper featured at the end of each track. The buyer behavior track focuses the influence of ethnic, gender, cross-culture, and personal values in consumer behavior. The marketing education track provides a review on marketing curriculum and teaching methods practiced in the 1980s. The marketing mix and marketing institution track presents a comprehensive collection of papers on retailing, distribution, sales, and sales force management. The marketing strategy and special markets track elaborates on strategies needed to approach and establish in unique markets. The public policy and macromarketing track discusses regulatory issues in marketing and advertising. The research methodology track presents an historic perspective of measurement, analysis, survey methods, and interpretation of marketing research.

An Evaluation Of Continuous Consumer Panels

An Evaluation of Continuous Consumer Panels as a Source of Marketing Information

An Evaluation of Continuous Consumer Panels as a Source of Marketing Information is part of a series of monographs produced by the American Marketing Association to explore the skills of marketing research. This text was written to aid non-academic readers and researchers who are building, or maintaining consumer panels. It serves not as a basic text on the subject, but an evaluation in simplified terms of using panels for research collection.

Topics of discussion include the following:

  • Examples of well-known consumer panels that have been functioning for several years, such as those operated by the Market Research Corporation of America, the Chicago Tribune, and the A.C. Nielsen company;
  • The basic techniques for obtaining data about the continuous behavior of consumers; and,
  • The use of consumer panel data as an experimental tool, an indicator of basic trends, and as a measurement of market segments.

Produced by the Marketing Research Techniques Committee, this monograph serves several purposes: to stimulate individual practitioners of market research, to encourage the constant improvement and expansion of present techniques, and to maintain the integrity of the marketing discipline. Highly beneficial and accessible for both professionals and laymen, this text will prove an invaluable tool for business practitioners, educators, and firms developing more effective consumer panels.

Attitude Research

Attitude Research

Attitude Research was written by Irving Crespi. This work is a comprehensive summary on the attitude theory and research methods employed in the 1960s with respect to marketing and marketing research. Divided in two parts, this monograph speaks on the role of attitude research in marketing and consumer research as well as methods of conducting attitude research. As Part I talks about the theory and concept, Part II is the cookbook on how the theory can be applied in real time situation.

Attitude Research At Bay

Attitude Research at Bay

Attitude Research at Bay was edited by Deborah Johnson and William D. Wells. This work is a collection of papers on attitude presented at the San Francisco Attitude Research Conference in 1974. Divided into five sections, the papers elaborate on psychological economics, multiple roles of attitudes, attitude research and public policy, attitudes and media, and attitudinal influence on purchasing behavior. At the end of each section, an expert comment on the papers presented is also available.