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1979 Educators Conference Proceedings

1979 Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Series #44

The 1979 Educators’ Conference Proceedings is edited by Neil Beckwith, Michael Houston, Robert Mittelstaedt, Kent B. Monroe, and Scott Ward. This volume contains over 140 papers and special presentations, which were presented in five program tracks during the 1979 Marketing Educators’ Conference. The research methodology track has 23 papers on technical research topics such as conjoint analysis, marketing instrument reliability, and validity. The education track has 19 papers taking a rigorous look at teaching methods and new approaches to marketing education. The buyer behavior track has 27 papers on information processing, family decision making, and life style. The marketing management track has 46 papers that focuses on the growing concentration on management issues in marketing, and concerns on marketing practices. The public policy track has 26 papers underscoring the continuing breadth of use for marketing skills and increasing complexity of regulating the marketing place.

1999 SERVSIG Services Research Conference

1999 SERVSIG Services Research Conference: Jazzing into the New Millenium

1999 SERVSIG Service Research Conference: Jazzing into the New Millennium was edited by Ray Fisk and Liam Glynn. This work is a collection of papers presented at the maiden 1999 conference. The papers cover a broader area of relationship marketing and services marketing strategy. Several authors have explored the nature and strength of relationships among consumers and service organizations, buyer-supplier relationship, consumer loyalty, and recovery programs following core service failures. This volume is also notable for its attention to external consumer perception and satisfaction issues.

A Strategic Approach To Business Marketing

A Strategic Approach to Business Marketing

A Strategic Approach to Business Marketing was edited by Robert E. Spekman and David T. Wilson. This work is a compilation of proceedings presented at a two-day winter workshop in 1984. These papers were presented by eminent academics, engaged in business-to-business (B2B) marketing and research. The papers cover a full array of activities, products, and services that exist within the business sector, not just industrial marketing.

Add Value To Your Service The Key To Success

Add Value to Your Service: The Key to Success

Add Value to Your Service: The Key to Success was edited by Carol Surprenant. This work is a collection of papers presented at the 1987 conference on services marketing. The papers represent a variety of perspectives on values — from what it means and how to deliver it, from both academic and practitioner point of view. They range in scope from broad-based, theoretical papers to fine-tuned applications.

Careers In Marketing

Careers in Marketing

Careers in Marketing is a monograph produced by the American Marketing Association in a series focusing on marketing issues. Distinguished researcher and consultant, Neil Holbert, presents significant career opportunities available to students considering potential careers in the marketing discipline.

This concise yet thorough text provides the following informative discussions:

  • Six areas, including sales, advertising, retailing, and brand management, which constitute marketing careers;
  • The multiple facets of marketing, including a specific applications and situations, as well as an explanation of the “Marketing Concept”; and,
  • The role of academic training in pursuit of a career in marketing.

The author provides concise coverage of various marketing careers in accessible, non-technical language. The ultimate goal is to provide a guide for marketing students intent on furthering their careers in the discipline. The discussions and issues presented by the author make this a valuable tool for educators and students involved in multiple marketing disciplines, such as advertising, market research, and sales representation.

Models Of Buyer Behavior

Chapter 12: Food Shopping Behavior of Low-Income Households

Chapter 12 of Models of Buyer Behavior

Food Shopping Behavior of Low-Income Households is divided into two parts: a study of food shopping behavior and a study of prices paid. In both studies, socioeconomic status of the household is the explanatory variable. The final data is highly useful in determining the prices paid and shopping consumption of a range of household incomes.

Creativity In Services Marketing

Creativity in Services Marketing: What’s New, What Works, What’s Developing

Creativity in Services Marketing: What’s New, What Works, What’s Developing was edited by M. Venkatesan, Diane M. Schmalensee, and Claudia Marshall. This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the 4th Annual Services Marketing conference in 1985 that reviews the colonial phase of services marketing with the importance to attract more people into services marketing research and encourage them to apply the skills and techniques developed for other areas to services. The papers contain talks on: managing services marketing; understanding services customer; corporate culture and internal marketing; the Four Ps of marketing; industry-specific topics; and research issues, methodology and literature.

Customer Satisfaction Focus On The Customer

Customer Satisfaction: Focus on the Customer

Customer Satisfaction: Focus on the Customer is a special presentation of The American Marketing Association’s Worth Repeating Series. The presentations are actual transcriptions of speeches made at the Second Congress on Customer Satisfaction held in Florida in 1992. Each part of the book highlights the role needed to be played by business values such as Leadership, Human Resources, Research Measurement, Profitability, Product Quality, and Service Quality in winning the customer’s satisfaction.

Designing A Winning Service Strategy

Designing a Winning Service Strategy: 7th Annual Service Marketing Conference Proceedings

Designing a Winning Service Strategy was edited by Mary Jo Bitner and Lawrence A. Crosby. This work is a collection of papers presented at the Annual Services Marketing Conference in 1989. The papers are organized around four basic steps necessary in designing services strategy: the analysis, formation, and evaluation of services strategy; analytical methods, techniques, and the role of research; strategy implementation and organization; and monitoring satisfaction, quality, and performance. Also featured is a presentation from a pre-conference workshop titled, Research in Services Marketing: Where It’s At and Where It’s Going: A Review on Services Marketing Research from the 1990s perspective.

Developing New Services

Developing New Services

Developing New Services was edited by William R. George and Claudia E. Marshall. This work is a collection of presentations from a symposium by the same name held in 1983. The focus of these presentations is on elements critical to effective design and implementation of new service. This includes developing a climate for innovation of new services, new services development systems and processes, as well as the role of employees in new services development.