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1973 Increasing Marketing Productivity

1973 Combined Proceedings: Increasing Marketing Productivity and Conceptual and Methodological Foundations of Marketing

Increasing Marketing Productivity and Conceptual and Methodological Foundations of Marketing, edited by Thomas V. Greer, is a 1973 Combined Proceedings brought out by the AMA. The papers featured in this volume were presented at the 1973 Spring Conference at St. Louis and 1973 Fall Conference at Washington D.C. The papers present practical and conceptual materials on significant aspects of marketing activity. A majority of papers deal with objectives and methods of teaching. There are several papers on multinational marketing. Other major groupings of papers include marketing management, buyer behavior, research methodology, and social issues.

AMA Two Big Days 1946

A.M.A.’s Two Big Days: Proceedings of The Spring Conference of the American Marketing Association

A M.A.’s Two Big Days is a collection of proceedings presented at the 1946 Spring Conference of the American Marketing Association. The conference discussed myriad topics pertaining to marketing in the 1940s. Besides regular reviewing of marketing research and sales budget, the papers focus on the emergence of free market and consumer panels, as well as their effect on brands in a post-war scenario. Also featured is a discussion on China’s industrialization and its effect in American business.

Attitude Research Bridges The Atlantic

Attitude Research Bridges the Atlantic

Attitude Research Bridges the Atlantic was edited by Philip Levine. This work is a collection of proceedings held in Madrid, Spain during 1973. Spread out in five sections, these papers were presented by American and European attitude researchers. They discussed attitudes as they relate to the individual, the group, the society, the researcher, and the businessman. There was also a presentation on the Sociology of Attitude Research.

Dynamic Marketing For A Changing World

Dynamic Marketing for a Changing World: Proceedings of the 43rd National Conference of the American Marketing Association

Dynamic Marketing for a Changing World edited by Robert S. Hancock is a proceeding compilation of the 1960 National Conference of the AMA. The 52 topics discussed are broadly classified into five parts, excluding the special luncheon addresses. Markets and Market Problems in the Changing World discusses various marketing issues in specific verticals such as agriculture, goods and services, international marketing, and government relations. Marketing Management, Intelligence and Education addresses concerns of the topics stated in the title. Industrial Marketing involves detailed analysis on distribution channels, industrial buying decision, and sales forecasting. Marketing Research discusses research conducted in various stages such as product planning, new product development, advertising, consumer research, international marketing research, and incorporation of census data in marketing research. A collection of Special Interest Topics are also featured. This includes women as target audience, public utility marketing, and new product function.

International Marketing

International Marketing: Managerial Issues, Research, and Opportunities

International Marketing: Managerial Issues, Research, and Opportunities was edited by V.H. Kirpalani. This work contains proceedings presented at the 1983 International Marketing Workshop organized by the AMA. The papers aspire to enhance the knowledge and practice of marketing in the international arena. Besides export marketing practices and international marketing strategies that help business development beyond the American continent, this volume also deals with future marketing strategies to tackle competition from foreign companies setting up their business in American soil.


Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective

Macromarketing: A Canadian Perspective is a collection of papers presented in the Third Triennial Canadian Marketing Workshop held in Toronto in June 1979. This collection is edited by Donald N. Thompson, Patricia Simmie, Louise Heslop, and Stanley J. Shapiro. The papers present a historical perspective of macromarketing in the 1980s with a Canadian perspective, including the general areas of consumerism, consumer protection public policy, and market regulation. Canadian market-specific issues that were prevalent at that time such as promoting visual art, post-offices, and energy management are also featured.

Marketing And The Future

Marketing and the Future

Marketing And The Future, edited by Donald F. Mulvihill, is a collection of papers presented at a workshop held at Kent State University in October 1980. The compilation predicts the future of marketing as seen from the 1980s perspective, at a time when globalization was underway and the possibility of expanding business in the developing Third World countries was being explored. Also featured is the need for academic education in marketing and the changes needed in the then marketing curriculum to suit the new marketing environment.

Marketing Concept In Changing Times

Marketing Concepts in Changing Times

Marketing Concepts in Changing Times was edited by Richard M. Hill. This work contains papers and remarks of those who participated in the 42nd National Conference of American Marketing Association. The papers present a historic perspective of marketing in the 1960s. The papers cover a wide range of topics such as international marketing, government’s role in marketing, marketing research, industrial marketing, marketing theory, marketing and sales education. The transcript of two panel discussions advertising education and sales education are also available. These discussions aim to close the gap between the academic and practical use of sales and advertising.

Marketing Expansion In A Shrinking World

Marketing Expansion in a Shrinking World: 1978 Business Proceedings, Series #42

Marketing Expansion in a Shrinking World was edited by Betsy D. Gelb. This work contains papers presented at the International Marketing Conference in 1968. It addresses the need for marketing practitioners to do more with less resource in a shrinking world, thanks to international trade and depleting mineral resources. The volume is divided into five sections: the Future of Marketing analyses the future in the perspective of marketing manager, researcher and the social role of marketing itself; the Changing and Shrinking World presents an overview of new age consumers such as working women, trade restriction and other external influence on marketing; Industrial Marketing Insights speaks on specific markets such as services market, capital goods market and touches on issues from non-manipulative selling to sales force integration; and, Improvements in Marketing Research is a review of research practices used in the 1970s with specific note on advertising research, industrial marketing research and social research.

Marketing In The Transition Period 1945

Marketing in the Transition Period – 1945: Proceedings of The Special Wartime Conference

Marketing in the Transition Period – 1945 is a collection of papers presented during a Special Wartime Conference in Chicago. The conference was convened when World War II was underway, which had cast its shadow on business, especially in foreign trade and distribution. There was also a huge burden of serving a war-torn society post war. The papers elaborate on this scenario and give possible techniques to tackle this abnormal situation. There is a special discussion on marketing problems of the aviation industry.