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Marketing Strategies For A Tough Environment

Marketing Strategies for a Tough Environment

Marketing Strategy for a Tough Environment, edited by Peter J. LaPlaca and Newton Frank, is a collection of 46 papers presented at the 62nd annual gathering of American Marketing Association. The presenters were comprised of marketing professionals from a broad spectrum in the U.S. marketing industry. The papers are segmented into six parts viz., effects of government regulation in marketing, marketing communication, impact of energy in marketing decisions, scope of R&D in marketing, use of strategic planning in marketing, and marketing education — to present a wholesome view of marketing in the 1980s.

Marketing Strategies For The New Europe

Marketing Strategies for the New Europe: A North American Perspective on 1992

Marketing Strategies for the New Europe: A North American Perspective on 1992 was written by John K. Ryans, Jr. and Pradeep A. Rau. This work speaks on the art of doing business in European countries after 27 nations from this continent came up with the European Community-1992 (EC-92), a single market trade policy that covers all these States. This monograph is a comprehensive guide to the EC-92 policy, its rules and regulations. This volume takes you through the entry strategies, financial arrangements and marketing structures of the European Union nations, the opportunities available in these nations post EC-92, and a word of caution on the European Market.

Marketing Through The Wholesaler

Marketing Through the Wholesaler/Distributor Channel

This work gives insights into the ramifications of distribution by the wholesaler or distributor method. The book focuses on the manufacturer-distributor relationship, the freedom enjoyed by both as well as the mutual tendency to control the other. The characteristic of the wholesaler/distributor model, along with its goal and strategy, setting up the network, and marketing planning is explained in separate chapters.

11th Converse Symposium

Proceedings of the 11th Paul D. Converse Symposium

Proceedings of the 11th Paul D. Converse Symposium were edited by David M. Gardner and Frederick W. Winter. These proceedings were presented at the 1981 conference. This volume contains presentations by three of the four award recipients who were recognized for their outstanding contributions in marketing theory and science. Also featured are reviews of the recipients contributions by other marketing scholars. The recipients are as follows: Robert Bartels for Marketing Theory and Meta Theory; James Engel for Consumer Behavior; Martin Fishbein for Belief, Attitude, Intention, and Behavior; and, Wendell Smith for Product Differentiation and Market Segmentation as Alternative Strategies.

Productivity In Marketing

Productivity in Marketing

Productivity in Marketing is a production of the American Marketing Association as part of the Project of Measuring Marketing Productivity. Distinguished Professor Louis P. Bucklin, from the University of California at Berkeley, produced this text out of a culmination of essays and one working paper. This monograph addresses the difficult concept of accurate productivity measures, statistics designed to measure changes in the movement of goods and resources.

  • A definition of productivity, as well as an overview of the concept’s use and function in marketing activities;
  • The proper methodology for the measurement of productivity input and output, including several examples and formulas; and,
  • An analysis of the managerial and environmental forces which directly affect levels of marketing productivity.

Through this overview, the author demonstrates the importance of research into the productivity of marketing, as well as its validity in effective decision making. This monograph will prove a highly useful tool for managers of industrial organizations and government officials who deal with policy and decision-making.

Review Of Marketing 1990

Review of Marketing 1990

Review of Marketing 1990, edited by Valarie A. Zeithaml, presents a historical perspective of research and strategy of the marketing discipline in the 1990s. The collection contains 14 articles classified under six sections: consumer behavior, organizational buying behavior, distribution, marketing information, marketing strategy and performance, and marketing theory. The articles review both traditional and contemporary marketing topics with special focus on consumer satisfaction.

Research Techniques Forum

Second Annual Advanced Research Techniques Forum

Second Annual Advanced Research Techniques Forum was edited by Rene Mora. This work is a collection of papers presented at a forum by the same name in Colorado in 1991. The papers analyze some of the popular methods used in marketing research such as preference and choice modeling, strategic category research, and pricing research. Each paper is followed by a compilation of highlights of the discussion that happened post-presentation.

Social Indicators A Marketing Perspective

Social Indicators: A Marketing Perspective

Social Indicators: A Marketing Perspective was written by Polia Lerner Hamburger and originally published in 1974. This work is a comprehensive review on social indicators from the perspective of marketing implications. This monograph reports a comprehensive tracing of the historical development of social indicators and presents a viewpoint on the state of the art social indicators which may be applied to marketing.

Winning Back Your Market

Winning Back Your Market

Winning Back Your Market presents nine fundamental strategies for regenerating corporate efforts with tactical options for the service, consumer, and industrial sectors.

Each strategy demonstrates case histories of successful revitalization of services and products, or plans for putting into practice the strategic options.

Table of Contents

  1. Star-Making Strategies
  2. Entrenching the Existing Business
  3. Switching from End Users to Intermediaries
  4. Creating Mandatory Consumption
  5. Going International
  6. Broadening the Product Horizon
  7. Finding New Applications
  8. Finding New Situations
  9. Repositioning
  10. Redefining Markets
  11. Putting It All Together