Chapter 12: Integrated Marketing Communications


Chapter 12

Integrated Marketing Communications examines the trend of integration in several areas of marketing. Literature and research on the subject has been fragmented and disorderly; the text intends to fill that gap, detailing both the importance and the history of the trend.


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Pages: 14
Published: 1987
New Copyright: 2011
ISBN: 9781613110768
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Roger D. Blackwell Roger D. Blackwell

Roger D. Blackwell is president of Roger Blackwell Associates, Inc., a consulting firm in Columbus Ohio. He is a former Professor of Marketing at Ohio State University. He is the recipient of Ohio State’s greatest honor, the Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award. Blackwell was also named “Marketer of the Year” by the American Marketing Association. He is co-author of one of the leading texts in consumer behavior studies, used throughout the country by business schools, entitled Consumer Behavior, 9th edition.


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