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Attitude Research

Attitude Research

Attitude Research was written by Irving Crespi. This work is a comprehensive summary on the attitude theory and research methods employed in the 1960s with respect to marketing and marketing research. Divided in two parts, this monograph speaks on the role of attitude research in marketing and consumer research as well as methods of conducting attitude research. As Part I talks about the theory and concept, Part II is the cookbook on how the theory can be applied in real time situation.

Attitude Research At Sea

Attitude Research at Sea

Attitude Research at Sea was edited by Lee Adler and Irving Crespi. This work is a collection of papers on attitude research presented on board the S.S. Ocean Monarch during a cruise to Bermuda in 1966. The papers discuss the application of attitude research techniques to the broad range of marketing and advertising field. Incorporation of conceptual framework, methodology, application, and case studies pertaining to attitude research make this compilation handy for academics and practitioners.

Attitude Research Plays For High Stakes

Attitude Research Plays for High Stakes

Attitude Research Plays for High Stakes was edited by John C. Maloney and Bernard Silverman. This work is a compilation of papers presented at the Eighth Annual Attitude Research Conference in 1979. The papers attempt to crack the relationship between attitude and buyer behavior. They also define the concept of involvement, methods to measure it, and its effect on purchase decision. There is a discussion on measuring the deceptiveness of advertising and another one on the contribution of attribute research to the activities of federal regulatory agencies.

Attitude Research Reaches New Heights

Attitude Research Reaches New Heights

Attitude Research Reaches New Heights was edited by Charles W. King and Douglas J. Tigert. This work is a collection of proceedings from the third Annual Attitude Research Conference held in Mexico in 1970. Exploring the maturing state-of-the-art in attitude research is the central theme of these papers. The papers revolve around the overview of attitude research, conceptual approaches to predict the consumer behavior and market segmentation through attitude research, as well as measurement and data analysis techniques employed in sophisticated attitude research.

Attitude Research Under The Sun

Attitude Research Under the Sun

Attitude Research Under the Sun was edited by John Eighmey. This work is a compilation of proceedings of the 1978 Attitude Research Conference. The papers explore in an interdisciplinary fashion some niche areas such as attitude trend research, neglected areas such as content analysis, and areas of popular interest such as attitude models. Also featured are attitudinal analysis with respect to print and electronic medium of advertising.

Structuring Markets

Chapter 1 – Structuring Markets

Chapter 1 of Market Structure Analysis

The chapter details the emergence of a new technology: the application of multivariate analytic techniques to measurements of consumer perception, motivation, and behavior. The purpose is to provide useful ways of structuring markets for more effective marketing planning. Also a primary issue is the promotion of a greater understanding and usage of all techniques by scholars and business firms.

Disadvantaged Consumers Research Dimensions

Chapter 1: Disadvantaged Consumers: Research Dimensions

Chapter 1 of Minorities and Marketing: Research Challenges

The authors’ objective is to establish specific fundamental propositions, regarding consumer behavior, to serve as the foundation for a systematic analysis of disadvantaged consumers. The chapter provides a framework to be used by future researchers in making systematic contributions to knowledge of low-income consumers. The chapter advocates the use of theoretical constructs and the specific propositions analyzed in the text for improved research on the disadvantaged consumer.

Psychographics From Whence It Came

Chapter 1: Psychographics and From Whence it Came

Chapter 1 of Life Style and Psychographics

The chapter is written by Emanuel Demby, president of Motivational Programmers Inc., a firm that specializes in psychographic applications. Demby presents his views of the past, present, and future applications of psychographics in consumer-behavior research. He also illustrates his beliefs with descriptions of studies that have played supportive roles in his research.

What is Multivariate Analysis?

Chapter 1: What is Multivariate Analysis?

Chapter 1 of Multivariate Methods for Market and Survey Research

This chapter proposes techniques for the classification of multivariate methods. The text attempts to demonstrate the usefulness of multivariate methods if properly utilized for different research needs of marketing and survey research functions.

Behavioral Market Structure Model

Chapter 10 – Epilogue: Behavioral Market Structure Model

Chapter 10 of Market Structure Analysis

The authors review the various technologies presented in the book as they relate to the more current conceptual model, called the behavioral market structure model. The chapter considers the contributions of each technology to the behavioral model. Also discussed is a realistic perspective for the use of market structure analysis in the market planning process.