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1986 Ama Winter Educators Conference

1986 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference – Marketing Education: Knowledge Development, Dissemination, and Utilization

The 1986 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference – Marketing Education: Knowledge Development, Dissemination, and Utilization was edited by Joseph Guiltinam and Dale Achabal. This work is a collection of proceedings presented at the 1986 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference. The papers revolve around five key tracks. Two tracks focus on marketing knowledge – its development, assessment, dissemination, and utilization. Another track addresses issues centered around the impact of computing and telecommunications technology in marketing education. The last two tracks are personal selling, sales management, and retail management.

Advertising Research

Advertising Research

Advertising Research is one in a series of monographs produced in part by the American Marketing Association focusing on various facets of marketing research. Distinguished consultant and advertising researcher, Neil Holbert, has contributed his keen insight and experience into this study of the advertising research process. The topics of discussion include:

  • The multiple reasons behind the ongoing discussions and debates over the nature of advertising research;
  • A comprehensive overview of the advertising research process, including a framework of progressive degrees of involvement; and
  • An analysis of the obstacles, challenges, and trends defining the research process.

Advertising Research provides a concise yet thorough coverage of research techniques and issues, with the ultimate goal of fostering a greater understanding of its value as a facet of marketing. This monograph is geared towards the primary users of research, the marketing executive. It should be of great use as well to marketing managers hoping to improve their understanding and evaluation of advertising research.

Enhancing Knowledge Development In Marketing

Enhancing Knowledge Development in Marketing: Perspectives and Viewpoints

Enhancing Knowledge Development in Marketing: Perspectives and Viewpoints was edited by P. Rajan Varadarajan and Anil Menon. This monograph brings together the thoughts and concerns of some of the leading marketing academics and practitioners on the issue of knowledge development and knowledge use within the marketing discipline. Also included are selected papers presented at special sessions on enhancing knowledge development in marketing at the 1989 AMA Summer Marketing Educators Conference.

Linking Marketing And Technology Strategies

Linking Marketing and Technology Strategies

December 3-5, 1989

Linking Marketing and Technology Strategies is a collection of papers edited by Ronald McTavish. These papers were presented at a workshop at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on December 3-5, 1989. The main focus of this collection discusses the historical perspective from the end of the 1980s in connecting marketing and technology strategies in relation to product and design, manufacturing, as well as research and development.

Marketing Maturing Discipline

Marketing: Maturing Discipline: Proceedings of the Winter Conference of the American Marketing Association

Marketing: a Maturing Discipline was edited by Martin L. Bell. This work is a compilation of proceedings of the 1960 Winter Conference. The papers detail the maturing aspect of marketing in terms of marketing technology, marketing theory, marketing responsibility, marketing education, and marketing research as separate chapters. The papers thoroughly dissect marketing maturity in lines with these concepts. The volume by itself is a step in creating a more matured marketing discipline.

17th Paul D Converse Symposium

Proceedings of the 17th Paul D. Converse Symposium

Proceedings of the 17th Paul D. Converse Symposium was edited by Cele Otnes and William Qualls. These proceedings were presented at the 2010 conference. This volume contains presentations by four award recipients who were recognized for their outstanding contributions in marketing theory and science. Also featured are reviews of the recipients contributions by other marketing scholars. The recipients are as follows: Joseph W. Alba for his outstanding contribution to Consumer Research; Leonard L. Berry for his exceptional works in services marketing; Kent B. Monroe for his pioneer research on the information value of price; P. Rajan Varadarajan for his extraordinary works in the field of strategy, international marketing,and electronic commerce; and, Valarie A. Zeithaml for her exhaustive research in customer expectations.

Stayin Alive Through 95 How To Thrive And Not Just Survive

Stayin’ Alive Through ’95: How to Thrive and Not Just Survive

Stayin Alive Through 95: How to Thrive and Not Just Survive is a collection of papers presented at the 1990 Annual Services Marketing Conference. Divided into three tracks – quality management, developing new services and markets, and creative marketing mix management, as well as a couple of special sessions on retail banking and technology in services, these papers present a wholesome view on creating and sustaining success in services marketing.

The Broadening Perspective Of Marketing

The Broadening Perspective of Marketing: Proceedings of the Golden Triangle Conference of the America

The Broadening Perspective of Marketing was edited by Joseph C. Seibert. This work contains a set of papers presented at Golden Triangle Conference held at Pittsburgh in 1956. These papers present a historic perspective of marketing in the 1950s, from hopes, threats, regulation, consumers, technology, and the future. The discussions also touched upon specific issues such as high level consumption pattern, marketing plan for the suburbs, as well as the role of money and credit in marketing.

The Changing Marketing Environment

The Changing Marketing Environment: New Theories and Applications, 1981 Educators’ Conference Proceedings

The Changing Marketing Environment: New Theories and Applications is a collection of proceedings edited by Kenneth L. Bernhardt, Ira Dolich, Michael Etzel, William Kehoe, Thomas Kinnear, William Perreault, Jr., and Kenneth Roering. The volume contains 121 papers presented at 1981 Educators Conference. The papers are classified into 5 tracks: marketing management, buyer behavior, public policy, research methodology, and marketing education.

The Marketing Management Track contains papers reviewing the several aspects of marketing management with respect to the 1980s scenario. This includes subjects such as social marketing, usage of technology in marketing, product strategy, international marketing management, and retail marketing strategy.

The Buyer Behavior Track papers attempt to understand and review the behavior of consumers, their attitude and intention, the influence of family in decision making, brand preference, and consumer satisfaction as well as peer and group influence on consumers.

The Public Policy Track discusses the effectiveness and impact of using advertising and marketing to propagate public services. This also includes adhering rules laid by the government for such marketing practices. Topics cover issues such as advertising legal and medical services, energy conservation propaganda, elections and campaign finance, and influence of deceptive advertisements.

The Research Methodology Track reviews some popular marketing research models of the 1980s. The effect and scope of improvement in these models when used in micro-segment analysis, consumer preference analysis, time series analysis and competitive analysis are elaborated. The effectiveness of data collection methods such as mail surveys, telephonic surveys, personal data collection, and issues related to privacy and anonymity are also presented.

The Marketing Education Track contains papers relating to the academic side of marketing. These papers evaluate the educational practice and curriculum of the 1980s, and suggest the improvisation in terms of course content and teaching methods. The papers aim at infusing some intellectual medicine for tired professional blood.

Contemporary Views On Marketing Practice

Chapter 9: How Service Needs Influence Product Strategy

Chapter 9

How Service Needs Influence Product Strategy focuses on the service needs of the marketing mix, examining the implications of the changes in service needs and technologies for product strategy. A framework for categorizing products is proposed, which identifies four categories of product design strategies. Furthermore, the impact of changes in service support technology and customer expectations is thoroughly discussed.