The Changing Marketing Environment: New Theories and Applications, 1981 Educators’ Conference Proceedings


The Changing Marketing Environment: New Theories and Applications is a collection of proceedings edited by Kenneth L. Bernhardt, Ira Dolich, Michael Etzel, William Kehoe, Thomas Kinnear, William Perreault, Jr., and Kenneth Roering. The volume contains 121 papers presented at 1981 Educators Conference. The papers are classified into 5 tracks: marketing management, buyer behavior, public policy, research methodology, and marketing education.

The Marketing Management Track contains papers reviewing the several aspects of marketing management with respect to the 1980s scenario. This includes subjects such as social marketing, usage of technology in marketing, product strategy, international marketing management, and retail marketing strategy.

The Buyer Behavior Track papers attempt to understand and review the behavior of consumers, their attitude and intention, the influence of family in decision making, brand preference, and consumer satisfaction as well as peer and group influence on consumers.

The Public Policy Track discusses the effectiveness and impact of using advertising and marketing to propagate public services. This also includes adhering rules laid by the government for such marketing practices. Topics cover issues such as advertising legal and medical services, energy conservation propaganda, elections and campaign finance, and influence of deceptive advertisements.

The Research Methodology Track reviews some popular marketing research models of the 1980s. The effect and scope of improvement in these models when used in micro-segment analysis, consumer preference analysis, time series analysis and competitive analysis are elaborated. The effectiveness of data collection methods such as mail surveys, telephonic surveys, personal data collection, and issues related to privacy and anonymity are also presented.

The Marketing Education Track contains papers relating to the academic side of marketing. These papers evaluate the educational practice and curriculum of the 1980s, and suggest the improvisation in terms of course content and teaching methods. The papers aim at infusing some intellectual medicine for tired professional blood.


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Published: 1981
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Author information

Ira J. Dolich Ira J. Dolich

Ira J. Dolich is Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Southwestern University, Visiting Professor of Marketing at Florida International University, and Professor Emeritus of Marketing at Drake University where he served as Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration. His most recent consulting interests are in the areas of strategic and annual marketing planning and teaches computer simulation based courses in these areas. He has served as an expert witness in employment, business organization and marketing issues litigation. His board memberships include many years on American Marketing Association chapter boards, vice president of the board of an employee assistance program and of the Insurance Foundation.

Professor Dolich was most recently an Opticon Medical Inc. Board Member. He is currently a resident member of the Board of Directors of Sun City Texas in Georgetown, Texas. He has published articles in many of the leading Marketing journals. He is co-author of Analysis and Decision Making: Cases for Marketing Management. He has been recognized as an expert in academic marketing research on the self concept and in the use of microcomputers in marketing education. He was recently engaged in the development of an Internet based principles of marketing course to be delivered on-line by FIU.

Kenneth L. Bernhardt Kenneth L. Bernhardt

Kenneth L. Bernhardt is the Special Assistant to the Dean, Regents’ Professor, and Taylor E. Little, Jr. Professor of Marketing at Georgia State University. He earned his B.S. from Washington and Lee University, his M.B.A. from Harvard University and his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. He has published numerous books, monographs, and articles in leading marketing journals, including Journal of Marketing and Public Policy, Marketing and American Education Research Journal, and Journal of Retailing. His current research involves consumer attitudes and behavior, public policy, product management and services marketing. He is a former president of the Association for Consumer Research and is former chairman of the American Marketing Association.

Kenneth Roering Kenneth Roering

Kenneth Roering is Professor of Marketing at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He is a prolific researcher and highly-sought consultant specializing in the market-driven development of new products, commercialization, marketing strategy and planning, and interpersonal and interorganizational relations. He has been at the University of Minnesota since 1981.

Dr. Roering has served as a consultant to companies including 3M, The Pillsbury Company, IDS/American Express, Whirlpool, Cargill, Motorola, and many others. Roering also serves on the boards of directors of both Arctic Cat, Inc. and Transport America and is a past board member at Sheldahl Inc., TSI Inc., Ultimap Inc., Midwest Importers, the Childrens Theater Company, and Mid America Bank.

Michael J. Etzel Michael J. Etzel

Michael J. Etzel is Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the University of Notre Dame. He was previously teaching at Utah State University and the University of Kentucky. He has held visiting faculty positions at the University of South Carolina and the University of Hawaii. In 1990, he was a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. Professor Etzel has taught marketing courses from the introductory through the doctoral level. He is also a frequent presenter in executive training programs.

His research, primarily in marketing management and buyer behavior, has appeared in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, and other publications. He has been active in many aspects of the American Marketing Association at the local and national levels, most notably serving as chairman of the board in 1996-1997. He received his PhD in marketing from the University of Colorado.

Thomas C. Kinnear Thomas C. Kinnear

Dr. Thomas C. Kinnear is the Eugene Applebaum Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, Executive Director of the Samuel Zell and Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, and Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan Business School. He was formally Senior Associate Dean of the Business School and former Vice President for Development and Executive Officer for the University.

Dr. Kinnear earned his PhD in business administration from the same university. He is also a management alumnus of Harvard University. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of entrepreneurial studies, strategic marketing planning, marketing and public policy, and market-based management. His research papers were published in numerous marketing and business journals. He has co-authored and edited several marketing literature.

William D. Perreault William D. Perreault

William D. Perreault, Jr. is the William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor at Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He is internationally recognized for his work in marketing strategy and research. He is a recipient of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Distinguished Educator Award, the highest honor in his field. His professional service includes a term as editor of the Journal of Marketing Research and as a trustee of the Marketing Science Institute.

Dr. Perreault also served as chair of an advisory committee to the U.S. Bureau of the Census and worked as an expert witness on research design to the Federal Trade Commission. He is the recepient of 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award by the AMA for long-term contributions to research on sales and sales management. His best known book is Basic Marketing: A Global-Managerial Approach (McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 16th edition), a text that is available in a number of languages and used at universities around the world.

Previously, Dr. Perreault has taught at the University of Georgia, Stanford University, and Cambridge University. He has worked as a consultant to a number of corporations and government agencies.

William J. Kehoe William J. Kehoe

William J. Kehoe is the William F. O’Dell Professor of Commerce in McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. His research interests are in the broad areas of global business and global marketing (specifically in exporting), global business strategy, global economic development, global and regional economic integration, and global business ethics.

His publications include articles on such topics as economic integration, euro emergence and implementation, exporting and market-entry strategies, environment of global business ethics, conceptualizing a framework for global business ethics, GATT, NAFTA, tariffs in global business, and the World Trade Organization.


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